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Student Well-Being

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Department Introduction

The Student Well-Being Department aims to look into the social, emotional and psychological needs of the students so that they can flourish in both academic and social realms. 

Through the various student well-being programmes, it is hoped that sufficient support is provided for all the students, including preventive and/ or intervention measures. 

Signature Programme(s)

RAINBOWs Programme

Sec 1 students who come from single-parent families or homes in danger of breaking up are invited to join the support group, the RAINBOWs Programme, to share their feelings with other single-parent and stepfamily children, along with caring adults, who will equip them with life skills and also help them develop positive attitudes. This programme is conducted by the school’s full-time school counsellors and teacher counsellors.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The school has an in-house Allied Education (AED) officer specialising in Learning and Behavioural Support (LBS). He provides support through in class or pullout sessions (within and outside curriculum hours). Teachers could also refer students whom they observed might have learning needs to the AED (LBS) officer who will then conduct lesson observations and interviews to assess the required help. Students requiring more specialised support are referred to relevant agencies for follow up.  

Other key programmes include S.T.A.M.P programme, Smoking Cessation Programme, Friends of SINGA and the Youth Serve Programme.

Anti-smoking Exhibition
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Assembly Talks (Emotional Well-Being)
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