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Environmental Education

Through the school’s green policy, Yuhua Secondary School aims to:

            1. promote awareness of environmental issues that affect all Yuhuans, both locally and globally 
            2. ensure efficient and optimal 
            a. water usage 
            b. waste management (reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose) 
            c. energy usage (electricity) 
            3. ensure environmental sustainability in procurement of resources and services 
            4. provide guidance and platforms for decision-making by students and staff in the school’s green efforts

Some programmes that are carried out annually include:

1. Secondary 1 Environmental Pitch lesson 
As part of our year end post-exam activity, this lesson is conducted as a half-day project-based activity, where students come up with models and pitches for several campaigns that the school can conduct the following year.

Picture1 (3).png

Picture1 (2).png

2. Overseas Learning Journey  
Environmental education should not be limited to a classroom setting. Through an overseas learning journey to Cambodia, an annual programme partnering the school’ Humanities Department, the students were provided with an authentic context where they learned, shared and worked together with their Cambodian friends to tackle climate change. During the course of the trip, they learned about the following issues:
a) management of food waste 
b) the practice of the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and
c) sustainable tourism.


3. Foodprints 
The school conducts food reduction awareness campaigns in order to inculcate good habits amongst students to avoid food wastage. Sec 4N and 4NT students are tasked to champion this campaign in school through a school Values in Action project. 

The students first work as independent learners to research on issues concerning food wastage. Utilizing CCE periods dedicated to their VIA project, they then plan their project using the service learning methodology to address the issue. 

The project encompasses the following forms: 
Creating posters to be displayed in the classrooms
Conducting an assembly talk
putting up a game/ activity booth during the food Waste Carnival
producing a skit to showcase the importance of food waste reduction

Last year, the Food Waste exhibition was held on 26 April 2019, where students’ skits were played on the screen in the canteen and a total of 8 booths with different activities on food waste were set up by the students for their juniors.

4. Awareness Presentation Sessions

            Paper Recycling
The school has embarked on an active paper recycling project since February 2019. Each Environmental Care Repetitive (ECR) of the class prepares one paper recycling box and places it in a corner of their classroom. Environmental Care Representatives takes the ownership of the project by informing their classmates about the corner, brief the class about the expectations and the routines to be carried out for the project. All recycled paper are subsequently deposited at the main recycling bins.   

            Plastic Recycling
The school also embarks on an active Plastic Recycling Initiative and training is carried out for all Environmental Care Representatives so that they could monitor and take charge of this initiative. 

ECRs and volunteers counting the recycled bottles and students recycling plastic cups.

ECRs sending the plastic bottles and cups to the main recycling bins.

5. Aesthetics Day
Aesthetics Day is Yuhua Secondary School’s very own annual fashion show where students turn recycled materials into runway costumes. All Sec 1 to 3 students are involved in this event. 
A classroom is turned into a special centre where students ‘shop’ for recycled materials.
All hands on deck as students work hand in hand with their peers and teachers in preparation for Aesthetics Day.

Actual Aesthetics day
Class representatives (students or form teachers) parade their costumes during Project Runaway, the Yuhua Secondary recycled Edition. 

Students and form teachers parading their costumes in the runway

6. Amazing Trail
The objective of the Earthmazing race is to commemorate Earth Day and to create an awareness of the various environmental issues that plague our planet. As part of their Values in Action project, Sec 4 and 5 students must conceptualise and create eight different stations, each addressing a particular environmental issue, to educate and encourage their juniors (secondary three students and Environmental Care Representatives from sec 1 and 2) to do their part for the environment. 

Yuhua Secondary School was awarded the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award in 2018 and School Green Award (Yellow Flame) in 2019 for all our green initiatives and efforts.