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School History

Our Heritage
Shuqun Secondary School

Shuqun Secondary School was established as Tuan Cheng Public School in 1925, with both primary and secondary levels. In 1933, the school was renamed as Seh Chuan School after moving to the site at Jalan Seh Chuan. In 1958, to cope with growing student intake, the school became a government-aided school and was renamed Seh Chuan High School. The Chinese name ‘Shuqun’ [树群] was retained. In 1982, it was converted into a government school in order to cope with the demands of increasing enrolment. In 1985, the school adopted the Hanyu Pinyin of its Chinese name, “Shuqun” to signify the transition in its status as a government school. In the same year, it relocated to the site at Jurong East Street 21.

Throughout its history, the school developed its programmes to cater to the needs of its students and the community. In 2009, it piloted Mobile Robotics as a subject in collaboration with the Institute of Technical Education. The Shuqun Personalised Asynchronous Curriculum for Collaborative and Self-directed Learning (SPARCs) introduced a blended model of teaching and learning enabled through the use of technology. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) was called COding, DEsign Thinking and Robotics (CODER), introducing Scratch and Arduino programming to students. The school’s Volleyball team, Concert Band and National Police Cadet Corps also achieved top national awards over the years.

Yuhua Secondary School

Yuhua Secondary School was established in 1986 as a Government co-educational school at 35 Jurong West Street 41 and officially opened on 16 September 1988. The school had clocked several milestones, including being one of the first schools to introduce computer-based learning and to hold a Cultural Night at the World Trade Centre. The school was known for its hockey, harmonica and concert bands in the early years. In 2006, the school was officially recognized as a niche school for Concert Band by MOE for its excellent consistent performance.

Throughout the years, the school has strived to cater to the different interests and needs of its students and create an inclusive learning environment. In 2013, the school underwent PRIME upgrading and was the one of the first schools to obtain Barrier-Free Access (BFA) status from Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark award. The school became the only school in the West Zone to offer the Enhanced Music Programme (EMP) and only the second school in Singapore to have its own Escape Room to teach the curriculum differently. The school became one of few schools in Singapore to achieve the Greenmark “GoldPlus” award in 2018.

Becoming One Family

In 2019, Yuhua Secondary School and Shuqun Secondary School merged to form the new Yuhua Secondary School, operating from the premises at 35 Jurong West Street 41. The merged school has preserved the heritage and adapted the good practices of both schools to develop distinctive programmes such as the Applied Learning Programme in Coding, Design Thinking and Robotics (CODER) and Learning for Life Programme in Music-Empowered Learners, Our Dynamic Yuhuans (MELODY). The school has also established a new vision of building a community where learners flourish. To this end, it seeks to build on the strengths of teachers and students, and together, achieve both excellence and well-being. To mark the first year as a merged school, staff and students worked together to create the largest display of origami flower envelopes (7.1m by 3.1m) which entered the Singapore Book of Records.