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Student Leadership


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At Yuhua, we have adopted the principles of Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf in alignment with our school values into four pillars of practices, namely Serve, Plan, Grow and Support. We develop Servant Leaders who have a heart that cares for others and a sense of responsibility to serve,  who care for others and a sense of responsibility to serve, who recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and make an effort to grow themselves in order to develop others and who are sensitive to social needs and help build positive relationships and a community that flourishes. 

Programme Objectives

Yuhuan student leaders serve with purpose, pride and honour. 
Student Leaders must start with the right intention, which is the desire to care for and serve others. They should put in their best effort in serving others and continually improve themselves to accomplish something that they can be proud of. Student Leaders should preserve the honour of Student Leadership by demonstrating integrity and being gracious towards others at all times.
We aspire to develop Servant Leaders who are self-motivated and have the desire to serve and who relate well with others and empathise with their needs.

Project Gratitude

Project Gratitude is an annual series of events in the first half of the year where Student Leaders lead their peers and classmates in seeking a deeper understanding of the roles of various members of the school community, especially the non-teaching staff. Student Leaders empathise and help non-teaching staff make the school a better environment to do their duties. Project Gratitude is a platform for the student leaders to canvass support from their peers towards expressing gratitude towards these staff.  

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