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Concert Band


Our Motto: "Dedication Leads to Excellence"


2019 marks a new beginning for the Yuhua Concert Band as with our school merger, the band now comprises of members from both Shuqun and Yuhua. With both schools having had a rich band history that includes numerous achievements over the last 30 years, this merger is an opportunity to create an even greater culture for the appreciation of music and culture among the students, which our bandsmen will continue to benefit from. 

Besides inculcating the value of self-discipline during band practices, our bandsmen are also given opportunities to participate in enriching programmes such as overseas trips and exchanges, to gain more experiences and build up their confidence. They will also be able to experience performing, and exchanging ideas, and honing skills with talented musicians from local and overseas bands. 

Yuhua Concert Band is under the tutelage and mentoring of our conductor, Ms Chan Peck Suan. Ms Chan is an experienced music educator, and her passion and dedication has produced many skilled musicians who have gone on to become professional musicians. 

Our Team

Mr Samuel Tan Sheng Yan
Ms Sunarti Bte Abdul Wahab
Mdm Chan May Foon
Ms Jamie Koh
Ms Muliyahna Bte Sani
Mr Alan Tam

Student Leaders
Fatin Mayasari Bte Amran (408)
Nicholas Teo Yu Xuan (408)
Adlinah Bte Amir (411)
Yong Huey Zhing (413)


Key events
2018 Combined Concert SQSS + YHSS
2018 Combined Concert SQSS + YHSS_1.jpg2018 Combined Concert SQSS + YHSS_2.jpg

2019 Camp MELODY
2019 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

2019 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Certificate of Distinction)
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