Infocomm Club



The Yuhua Infocomm Club’s programmes aim to enthuse students about infocomm in enjoyable and meaningful ways. Through exposure to new infocomm skills, students undergo a variety of hands-on experiences while honing their leadership and collaborative skills.


Through its programme, students will be:

  • Equipped with relevant infocomm skills
  • Exposed to the multiple and changing possibilities of Infocomm
  • Able to express their creativity through digital media
  • Able to contribute to the school and community


The Infocomm Club activities include training, project work, me ntorship, competitions and collaboration with other schools. Students learn to appreciate technologies and creatively apply their skills to communicate ideas through its rigorous training sessions.

Teachers in Charge

Mdm Zurainah Bte Ahmid
Mr Jeffrey Poh Pin Liang
 Mr Sim Lit Sen


Student Leaders

Chua Ming Han 3N2
Ng Min Feng    3E6
Nicole Choo Shi Qi 3E8

CCA Gallery

Canon Workshop
Photo Journalism Learning Journey
StrITwise® Integrated Camp

CCA Highlights

  • Canon Photography Workshop

Working with Canon Singapore, members received training in using digital SLRs and applied their skills in a themed photography walk about.

  • StrITwise® Integrated Camp

Yuhuans were impressed with the dynamics of the latest mobile development technology in this camp. Members acquired skills such as teamwork and leadership in a project development; and opportunities to explore, design and showcase their creativity in developing mobile Apps.

  • Photo Journalism Course   

Through this programme, Yuhuans learnt about caption writing and gained a further understanding to effective photo composition. A walkabout at Yuhua Market and Hawker Centre enabled them to capture Jurong's heritage through interview, photography and video documentation. Armed with courage, confidence and technical agility, this expedition uncovered unique stories of neighbourhood merchants, their livelihood and how they shaped the Jurong enclave into what it is today – stories which would otherwise be forgotten and taken for granted. This workshop not only endowed students with leadership and collaborative opportunities, they also recognised the need for heritage preservation and they learnt to value the community.


It has been a fruitful journey for its members. Each year, members participate in the Schools Digital Media Award (SDMA) , a platform for students to express themselves creatively through different media - video, animation and audio.

Teamwork and collaboration among students have been key to their success. Through their hard work and resilience, they have reaped several SDMA awards in recent years.

2008AdvertisementScary SinglishSilver
2011 AdvertisementSingapore, This is Where We Belong Silver 
2013  Silver