Indian Dance



Yuhua Indian Dance is a vibrant team of dancers with the passion to dance. Coming from backgrounds of various levels of dance knowledge, our members are committed to work cohesively to learn the art of Indian Dance in fun and exciting ways, to pursue the passion for the Art. With the choreography and training from our instructor Mdm Vijaya, our dancers progressively develop themselves as indian dancers over the years, learning various techniques in classical, contemporary and folk indian dance. At the same time, other vibrant forms of indian dance, like Bollywood and Bhangra are also explored. 

With dedication, determination and discipline, our Indian Dance student leaders work very well together with all our members to nuture a caring and supportive environment for our members to practice and develop in. With these support from capable student leaders, a creative and caring instructor and teachers in charge, we are looking forward to excellence in our future. 

Teachers In Charge

Ms Noorul Fathima
Mdm Irfana Begum d/o Ikbal  
 Mdm Chinnamah Silvarajoo 

Student Leaders

Priyadharshini Paneerselvam (President)
Rameshkumar Janani (Vice President)

Saranya D/O Arumugam ( President)
Janarthane D/O Manickam (Vice President)

CCA Gallery

Indian Camp
Singapore Super Sized
Speech Day
Taman Jurong Performance
Yuphonic Renditions

CCA Highlights

Singapore Supersized

Our dancers also had the once in a lifetime opportunity to get their talent showcased on TV! The TV show “Singapore Supersized” showcases local talents and the evolution of the Arts in Singapore. Yuhua Indian Dancers, as well as their Malay dance and Chinese Dance counterparts appeared on the 6 th  episode of the TV show, after just 3 days of training from the renowned choreographer, Gani Karim. As much as they were thrilled to be given the opportunity, they also learnt a lot from Gani Karim himself on how to infuse modern dance styles into our traditional dances.

Heritage Festival Performance in Plaza Singapura

Our dancers also took the opportunity to showcase their SYF Dance in Plaza Singapura during the Singapore Heritage Festival. The Saturday lunch time performance gave the opportunity for our dancers to present their dance as part of a larger Yuhua family, with other SYF performances namely from the Chinese and Malay dances and the Concert and Harmonica Band.

Jurong Spring Community Centre

The most recent contribution to the community came from our dancers’ during their June school holidays to come up with their own dance sequence. This time, the dancers have attempted to fuse indian dance with an Arabic song. This gave our dancers the opportunity to explore and expand their creativity and produce what solely belonged to them!performance for National Day in Jurong Spring Community Centre. The students took the time and put in tremendous effort 

Dance Talent Development Programme (DTDP)

Three of our Indian Dance girls were sent to the DTDPi in June, which helps to develop students with extraordinary talents.  In this 3-phase programme, our dancers got the opportunity to learn the indian dance in much more depth and also exposed them to various avenues where they can develop their dance in the future.

Indian Dance Camp

The Indian Dancers attended our very first 2 day 1 night  Indian Dance Camp during the March holidays. During the camp, they fine-tuned their dance sequence and at the same time, bonded well with each other. The main driving force for any club is care and concern for each other and what other way to do it than this!  Our dancers tried very hard to master the challenging dance sequence that they were to put up for their showcase!


Singapore Youth Festival 2017 - Certificate of Distinction

Singapore Youth Festival 2015 - Certificate of Accomplishment

Singapore Youth Festival 2013 - Certificate of Accomplishment