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Learning for Life (LLP)

Our Learning for Life (LLP) programme, MELODY (Music Empowered Learners, Our Dynamic Yuhuans) is designed to encourage self-discovery, build character and to hone values through the learning of music. Learning a musical instrument often requires a high level of resilience and discipline. Playing music together encourages teamwork and graciousness as students learn about turn-taking and deep listening. In the process of learning music, students often strive to think ‘out of the box’ and to inject new ideas. It builds a spirit of adventure and develops critical thinking in the process. With this in mind, music becomes a natural platform to nurture students to become better prepared to thrive in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. 
MELODY will be introduced to students through 3 main avenues, Music in Curriculum, Music in CCA and Music Infusion.
Music in Curriculum involves the sharing of music knowledge through planned curriculum. It exposes students to various genres of music and experience the learning of some musical instruments. This includes music lesson planned by the school’s music teacher, catering to the needs and abilities of lower secondary students. Bandsmen from Concert and Harmonica Band will have an opportunity to step into the music lesson to share their knowledge and expertise with their schoolmates. Students are also given opportunities to enhance their learning in music through the Music Prepatory Course (EMP) and Enhanced Music Programme (MPC).
Music Preparatory Course 
  • The MPC is an after-school music enrichment programme for secondary 2 students who have a passion for music 
  • Students are interested in joining EMP and take Music as an ‘O’ Level subject in upper secondary. 
  • The MPC aims to develop students' skills and knowledge in music listening, theory, performance, and composition, that are foundational to the EMP.
Enhanced Music Programme (EMP) 
  • The EMP is an upper secondary music programme designed for musically-inclined students to develop their musical potential and talent.
  • Students in the EMP will take the GCE ‘O’ Level Music Examinations in Secondary 4.
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Our Music CCAs, Concert Band and Harmonica Band are platforms used to developed talented students in music. As champions in this area, they will get to learn a musical instrument in depth and have ample opportunities to express themselves through music and lead in music related activities.  The rigorous practice for accuracy hones self -discipline and builds on teamwork.   
Music Infusion intend to infuse music to all other areas of the school by providing music entourage and music stage. This includes our Aesthetics Learning Programme, camp MELODY, the various platforms for students to express themselves through music such as Melodies of Yuhua and Aesthetics Day. The school is also tapping on some existing collaborations with our existing partners to provide various opportunities to expose Yuhuans to the arts. 
A series of workshop used to support the learning of Aesthetics.  Secondary One and Two students will be experience the learning of music and dance. As a student progresses to secondary three, he/ she will continue mastering the music module that they have learnt in lower secondary. This deepens students learning of music. 

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Objectives of Camp MELODY: 
  • To allow all secondary one students to experience our Learning for Life Programme, MELODY.
  •   To spread the Yuhua Spirit and create the Yuhua experience through the camp. 

  • To nurture Yuhuans who are confident, inquisitive, creative, committed and disciplined.



Aesthetics Day

Yuhua Aesthetics Day is a valuable platform for showcasing, sharing and nurturing our students’ work and to celebrate their creative and artistic accomplishments. It is a day where the performing and visual arts are celebrated to inspire budding talents through performances and visual arts as we promote the culture of creativity, expression and lifelong learning.