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Department Introduction

The department aims to nurture positivity through the Appreciation and Comprehension of the dimensions in the Humanities to Envision for a better future.   

The Humanities department infuses inquiry learning with fieldwork and learning journeys. Through the ACE framework, the department aims to nurture Yuhuans’ perspectives through:   
 ·       Appreciation for the interconnected relationships between human and physical environment. 
 ·       Comprehension of the past to understand the present. 
 ·       Envisioning of the future using reasoned arguments.



Signature Programme(s)

Sec 1 Historical Investigation
Sec 1 students embarked on their Historical Investigation, where they were required to investigate a given hypothesis. The fieldwork is part of their research and evidence gathering phase. The fieldwork was also facilitated by Sec 3 student docents who took over as nonyas, babas, coolies, opera actresses and immigrants. Students will then consolidate the information and share their findings between classes through visual and verbal presentations.

Sec 2 Integrated Humanities Fieldwork:
At Sec 2, students will embark on fieldwork, which revolves around the theme of housing and common spaces. Through this fieldwork, designed through Understanding by Design (UbD) model, students will learn about the concept of Change and Continuity. Students will be required to interview residents, collect necessary data and record their observation. They will then analyse the data based on their findings and answer the guiding questions which they have crafted.

Sec 3 Integrated Humanities Fieldwork:
Sec 3 Students will also embark on a fieldwork project that ties in the topic of Governance (from Social Studies) and Climate Change (Geography Elective/Geography). This fieldwork project is also designed based on UbD. Students will collect weather data for a period of 1 to 2 months, share data across the cohort, carry out research and observe the climatic trend. In their groups, students will then present the data, confirm the hypothesis and produce artefacts.

Sec 3 Integrated Humanities Overseas Fieldwork (IHOF) Cambodia:
The final stage is the Integrated Humanities Overseas Fieldwork to Cambodia. The programme is guided by the department's framework: Appreciate, Comprehend and Envision. Students will go through three stages. In the Appreciation stage, students will be exposed to a collection of information (fieldwork), and experiences that allows them to appreciate the Cambodians’ culture, history and way of life. They will then go through the stage of comprehension, to understand the current state of the people and followed by the envisioning stage, which is how they can improve the lives of people around them. At the end of each day, students will go through an intense deep reflection session with their Teacher Mentor, to reflect on the various aspects of their lives, as well as others.

Docents Programme
The Docent Programme is introduced in 2019 as part of nurturing our students to be confident leaders. Through this programme, students acquire the skills and values to guide our young learners through the local fieldwork.