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English Language and Literature

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Department Introduction

Strategic Objectives and Initiatives

Language gives life and colour to us because we use it to express ourselves and communicate with each other. It is also a vital instrument for critical thinking, which will develop us into effective thinkers and communicators. It is hence imperative that we should aspire to be competent communicators of the global language that is English. At Yuhua, our vision is to develop our learners into a community of confident communicators. To achieve this, the Department has designed key programmes which are aimed at instilling confidence and passion in the English language.

Signature Programme(s)

Some of our key programmes include the following: 
a.    a school-wide Reading and Media Literacy Programme.
b.    Self-directed gamified approach to acquiring of grammar training and vocabulary acquisition.

    To encourage students to learn at their own time and space, the department actively engages students online via in-house learning portals with added gamified elements. For example, students learn about grammar and        vocabulary through a series of trainings and missions, which are both competitive and fun.

c.    Annual EL Fest to inculcate interests and increase motivation in the learning of English and English Literature
      This year marks the first EL Fest. The EL Fest is a week-long festival of activities organised by the Department designed at inculcating interest and love in the language. Activities that are organised this year include the following :

            i. Spelling Bee Competition 
            ii. Grammar Challenge 
            iii. Enrichment Workshops for Graduating Classes 

       As for Literature, the Literature Unit organised the following activities to deepen students’ interest and increase engagement in Literature similarly: 

            iv. Blackout Poetry 
            v. Flash Fiction 
            vi. National Schools Literature Festival – Set Text and Unseen Debates 

d.    Annual Term Project as Weighted Assessment to inculcate Joy of Learning 

       At Yuhua, students do not just go through the usual pen-and-paper test. At every level, students complete a Term Project as one of the Weighted Assessments. These projects aim to develop specific skills in the students.  
Examples of the Term Projects include the following :

            i. Ted Talk for Sec 2 
            ii. Analysis of pop songs for Sec 2 Literature 
            iii. Travel brochure design and feature writing for Sec 3.