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Principal's Message

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Harnessing the Legacies: Growing from Strength to Strength

2018 will be another exciting year as we transit towards a smooth merger of both Shuqun Secondary School and Yuhua Secondary School in January 2019. 

Building on the strengths of both schools in providing students with experiential and practised-based learning, both schools are offering common Applied Subjects, Mobile Robotics for the Normal (Technical) students and Electronics for the Express course students, from 2018.  In 2017, Secondary 2 Normal (Technical) and Express course students have already been exposed to taster modules developed by teachers in these Applied Subjects from both schools.  

There will be more opportunities for students from both schools to explore the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) of the merged school.  Yuhuans have been introduced to coding and drone technology in line with Shuqun Secondary School’s ALP, which is Coding, Design Thinking and Robotics (CODER) last year; and Shuqunites have been exposed to a wider range of music-making in line with Yuhua’s aesthetics-based LLP, MELODY.  Among other efforts to bond students include a combined school camp for the Secondary 2 students to be held in October this year.

Common strengths and long-standing traditions of both schools, namely the Concert Band and Volleyball CCAs, will continue to feature in the merged school.  Students from these CCAs will be involved in joint trainings and performances in the course of the year.  Shuqun Secondary School’s history and heritage will be reflected in various spaces in the merged site.  For example, a heritage space will be set up and jointly unveiled in November 2018 just before the schools’ Homecoming Dinners, which will be held on the same day.  The Seh Chuan-Shuqun Alumni Association will also be invited to continue with their annual volleyball tournament (Shuqun Volleyball Alumni Cup), currently in its 17th year.

While ensuring the smooth transition towards 2019 through building an inclusive culture and a shared purpose during merger, Yuhua Secondary School will continue to focus on a values-driven and a holistic education for our Yuhuans.  Using the existing Teaching & Learning Framework as a basis, we define learning, L=E(K+T+L)e to be a culmination of knowledge acquisition, thinking routines, and self-leadership, with ethics as its core and effort as its coefficient.  Our Total Curriculum bears the attributes of being integrative, progressive, and ICT-enabled. We adopted Making Thinking Visible (MTV) as one of the approaches to effective teaching and learning in 2017, and will continue to inspire staff and students to ask good questions.  Underlying the culture of learning is the culture of care. Our Positive Education Framework that focuses on Strengths, Team-Building, Endurance, and Flexibility will continue to guide us in ensuring the well-being of our staff and students is looked into.  

Parents are our key partners in education.  The Positive Parenting Programme which we rolled out in 2016 in partnership with MSF has seen encouraging outcomes.  With a close-knitted Parent Support Group and supportive parents, a generous SAC and key community partners, and more importantly, being endowed with a dedicated team of teachers whose top talent themes are Empathy, Harmony, Relator, Learner and Responsibility, we are confident that Yuhua Secondary School will scale greater heights in the years to come!  

Ng Sook Kit
1 Jan 2018