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Direct School Admission


The Direct School Admission –YHSS (DSA-YHSS) is an annual exercise administered by our school. It allows students who are talented in music to apply for admission to our school directly. The DSA-YHSS Exercise usually takes place from May to August. Please note that Yuhua Secondary School and Shuqun Secondary School will be merged in 2019.

The DSA –YHSS 2018 exercise will open on 7 May 2018 (Monday), 9.00am and close on 1 August 2018 (Wednesday), 5.00pm.

Learning for Life Programme-MELODY

(Music Empowered Learners, Our Dynamic Yuhuans) aims to achieve character excellence through the learning of music. It is anchored by our three music CCAs, the Concert Band, Harmonica Band and Choir. These CCAs provide designated platforms to develop students’ interests, and deepen their skills and knowledge in music.

Please click here to find out more about MELODY.


Students who are successful in their application are guaranteed a place in Yuhua Secondary School provided they meet the eligibility criteria for admission to a secondary school based on their PSLE results. Students admitted under DSA –YHSS will not take part in the Joint Admission Exercise 2018.

Eligibility criteria

Applicant should:
  1. pass English Language and attain at least a 50% score in overall results for Primary 6 Mid –Year Examination.
  2. possess relevant instrumental skills, qualification in music (e.g. ABRSM or Trinity College of music or experience in primary school’s band or choir)
  3. display positive attributes such as initiative, leadership, discipline and teamwork through teacher’s (primary school) assessment and recommendations.
Foreign/ returning students or applicants not studying in MOE schools should have a letter issued by MOE CSC before application.

To do an e-application for DSA-YHSS 2018, Please click here.
Alternatively, the application form for DSA-YHSS 2018 can be downloaded here.
For referee, please click here if you would like to submit a recommendation for a DSA applicant.

Selection Process

Applicants go through two selection phases:

Phase I: Audition

Applicants who apply may be invited by the respective Teacher in Charge to attend an audition.
Applicants can choose to attend an audition either on instrumental playing or vocal singing.

Audition on instrumental playing:

Applicants are to play a relevant piece selected by the Teacher-in Charge and sight-reading.

Audition on vocal singing:

Applicants are required to select and sing a song which would showcase the best side of their voice and to sing another piece selected by Teacher-in Charge.

Phase II: Interview

Only applicants who successfully clear the selection phase I will be notified to attend an interview with the Principal/ Vice-Principal and/or the SH Aesthetics. These applicants will be informed of the interview date and time by 13 August 2018. 

The interviews will be conducted in August 2018.

Offer of places

Applicants will be notified (by post) of the result of their application by 24 August 2018. Successful applicants will be offered a place in Yuhua Secondary School for the academic year 2019.  

Students admitted through DSA (LLP) must remain in either of the music CCAs (Concert Band, Harmonica Band or Choir) for the duration of the academic programme that he/ she is admitted to and continue to show commitment and excellence in music.

Other information

For further enquiries on DSA-YHSS, you may call our General Office at 65661985 during office hours (8.00am to 5.00pm) or drop us an email at with the subject DSA-YHSS.

We thank you for your interest in our school.