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Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)



The EMP is a two-year upper secondary programme that prepares students for the GCE O-Level Music examination. Yuhua Secondary School (YHSS) is one of four schools in Singapore to offer the EMP and serves as an O-Level Music Centre for students from other schools. YHSS’ unique programme also aims to develop students into competent and well-rounded musicians who possess the competencies and dispositions to pursue different higher education and career pathways in music, if they wish to.


YHSS’ EMP students will have opportunities to pursue deeper learning in various musical pursuits. Through an in-depth study of various musical traditions, such as Western Classical music, Asian Music, Jazz, and Pop, students will engage in rich learning experiences that involve listening, performing, composing, and theoretical study. Our EMP students will also participate in diverse enrichment activities, such as masterclasses with industry professionals, learning journeys to higher education institutions and cultural groups, and combined schools’ camps and showcase platforms organised by the Ministry of Education.

At Yuhua Secondary School, all students will have access to well-equipped teaching rooms, practice studios, and performance spaces. The school also has a rich variety of instruments and learning resources to cater to different interests and learning needs.

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Students who are interested to study O-Level Music at Secondary Three should note the following:

At Secondary One

  • Join one of the following music CCAs: Concert Band, Harmonica Band, Choir (Girls), or be a member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra / Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra / Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir

  • Indicate interest to study O-Level Music to music teacher(s) at Yuhua Secondary School

At Secondary Two

  • Join the school’s in-house Music Preparatory Course (MPC), which will equip students with foundational skills ​​and knowledge in Music Listening, Literacy, Performing, and Creating. 

  • Pass the EMP Selection Exercise, which will take place in Semester 2. 

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