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Our Achievements


Academic Achievements


University of New South Wales 
International Competition and Assessment for Schools - Mathematics

Level of Achievement Number of students
1 High Distinctions  3
2 Distinction 10
3  Credit  32
4  Merit  16

Singapore Mathematical Society

Mathematical Olympiad 2014 2017 
1 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Senior Section) Gold  -
 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad  -  Bronze
Lee Jen Tat Gabriel (1E5)


Competition 2018
1 Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad Silver
Tan Lin Hui, Cherie (4E5)
2 Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad Bronze
Tan Lin Hui, Cherie (4E5)

Computer Applications

1MEC CompetitionBronze
Muhammad Matin Naufal Bin Noor HALIM (2T1)


Competition 2014/2015  2016
1 Di Zi Gui Essay Writing Competition Second Runner Up  
2 5th National Brush and Pen Calligraphy Competition Consolation Prize  
 3 Gema Puisi Artistik Competition  Most Promising School Award    Best Prop / Costume Award
 4 Malay Storytelling and Skit Competition
Teater Pelajar 
Fourth Prize
Best Actor Award 
 5  National Tamil Debate 
Best Speaker Award  Best Speaker
 6  Lumbuba (Lumba Budaya dan Bahasa) 3rd Prize 
 7 Write For Kindness 2016 Competition    1st Prize 

Non-Academic Achievements

Aesthetics, Clubs & Societies

Singapore Youth Festival

2009 2011 2013 2015  2017 
1 Concert Band Gold Gold Distinction Distinction Distinction 
2 Harmonica Band Silver Gold Distinction Distinction Accomplishment 
3  Chinese Dance Silver  Bronze  Distinction  Distinction
4  Indian Dance Silver  Gold  Accomplishment Accomplishment
5  Malay Dance Silver  Silver   Accomplishment  Accomplishment Accomplishment 
6 Choir  -  - - - Accomplishment 
7 Drama   -  - - Commendation
8 Stagewright   - Commendation 
9  Wushu   -  -  - Accomplishment

Clubs & Societies

2013 2014  2015 2016 
The Formula One Technology Challenge Best Booth and Portfolio
Overall Champion

 Bloodhound SSC Novice Category
Gold Award
Best Pit Display
Fastest Car
Overall Silver
   Best Presentation Board and Best Team Interview
Overall Champion
2 Schools Digital Media Awards Silver -  -
3 Singapore National CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge - Third Place
 4 RoboMaker Challenge - Best Design Award   -
 5 iCHEF Competition  Champion  Top Three   Top Ten Top Ten
6RoboCupJunior CoSpace Pei Hwa Challenge -Super Team Award
Second Place 
Judges Award
 7Underwater Robotic Olympiad  Best Design Award

Sports & Games

2014 2016   2017
Tchoukball  8th Inter-School Tchoukball Championship 2014
 B Division Boys
Sixth Place
 10th Inter-School 'B' Division Boys Tchoukball 
Fifth Place
 10th Inter-School 'B' Division Girls Tchoukball 
Fifth Place
 10th Inter-School 'C' Division Boys Tchoukball 
Fourth Place
 10th Inter-School 'C' Division Girls Tchoukball 
Fifth Place
 11th Inter-School 'B' Division Boys Tchoukball 
Fifth Place
11th Inter-School 'B' Division Girls Tchoukball 
Third Place
11th Inter-School 'C' Division Boys Tchoukball 
Fourth Place
11th Inter-School 'C' Division Girls Tchoukball 
Third Place
2 Sepak Takraw West Zone B Division Boys
Fourth Place
West Zone C Division Boys
- 'C' Division National Sepak Takraw Championship
3 Hockey National Hockey B Division Boys
Top 8
- 'B' Division Boys Bowl Competition
Third Place 
'C' Division Boys Bowl Competition
Fourth Place 
 4 Wushu Wushu Interschool Championship B Boys Nan Dao
Top 10
Wushu Interschool Nan Gun 
Wushu Interschool Nan Quan
National Wushu & Sanda Championship
How Boon Sim Kersandra (3E6) - (Broadsword 2nd International Routine)
National Wushu & Sanda Championship 
Mervin Ng Juin Hong (3E8) - (Broadsword 2nd International Routine, Open)

Uniform Groups

Uniform Group 2013 2015  2016 
1 NCC Bronze Best Unit Competition
Best Unit Competition
2 NPCC Bronze Unit Overall Proficiency Award
Unit overall Proficiency Award
3  NCDCC Silver Unit Overall Proficiency Award

Team A3R2 from Yuhua Secondary School Wins the Land Rover 4x4 In Schools Technology Challenge!

On 13th July, 5 of our Secondary 3N students took part in the 4x4 (Land Rover) In Schools Technology Challenge held at the F1 Pit Building.

Angie Lim An Qi, Ashvin S/O Dorai Raj, Aldric Justin Ledesma, Ryan Law Zong Yun and Rebancos Elijah Flores were nominated to compete as Team A3R2, after demonstrating a strong interest in an Automotive Engineering Elective Module they attended in May.

The 4x4 (Land Rover) In Schools Technology Challenge is an International Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) based challenge where each team builds a radio controlled four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle and navigates it through obstacles on an off road test track.

Team A3R2 displayed excellent teamwork while preparing for this challenge. They spent many hours building and fixing their vehicle. The secret of their success lies in their willingness to learn and depend on one another. They coached and encouraged one another while preparing for the presentation and interview.
Although this is the first time Yuhua Secondary is participating in the challenge, the team clinched three of the four titles including:

• Best Presentation Board
• Best Team Interview
• Overall Champion

As the Overall Champion in the competition, they will be representing Singapore in the Land Rover 4x4 In Schools World Finals in Abu Dhabi in December 2017! Other countries that will be participating include Australia, Brazil, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Greece, Malaysia, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa and USA.

We are very proud of our Yuhuans, and wish them all the best for the World Finals!

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Staff Achievements

Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2017
OYEA Finalists.jpg

The OYEA is a national award that recognises excellent young teachers for their enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in the development of youth. Click here to read more about her story!