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School Safety Information

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School Safety Philosophy

In Yuhua Secondary School, we value the safety of our students as a top priority.

We have the following measures in place:

  • Lightning warning alert for all outdoor activities
  • Security of Chemical Explosive precursors
  • School fire drills and evacuation plans

School Safety Rules and Guidelines

Safety of staff and Yuhuans is of paramount importance to the school. It is important that all Yuhuans understand and adhere to all procedures and instructions to help ensure the safety of themselves and others. The school seeks the co-operation of all Yuhuans in maintaining a safe environment for all so that effective teaching and learning can take place.  

Update of Student’s Particulars
Yuhuans are required to keep the school updated of any changes to their contact details or their parents’/guardians’ contact details through the form teacher or the office.  

Leaving school during curriculum time
A Yuhuan’s parent/guardian must be contacted and informed of his/her intention to leave school by his/her Form Teacher or a school staff before he/she can be released from school. A Yuhuan who is unwell must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian to leave school. If the parent/guardian is not available, he/she will not be allowed to leave school until the official dismissal time. He/she will rest in the Sick Bay until dismissal time.  

General Conduct and Safety Guidelines
Yuhuans are responsible for their friends’ and their own safety at all times especially during sports and games. Yuhuans must report any injuries or accidents immediately to the General Office or any teacher. Yuhuans should use the school facilities in the way they are intended for. Any damage or vandalism of school property should be reported immediately to the General Office or any teacher.

Emergency Evacuation
  1. In an emergency, the alarm will be activated. Yuhuans must stop all activities, remain quiet and listen to the announcement over the PA system. 
  2. If a Yuhuan is walking along the corridors or is in the toilet, he/she must return to his/her form class immediately. 
  3. Once instructions to evacuate are given, Yuhuans must proceed immediately to the emergency assembly area (usually the school field unless otherwise instructed) in an orderly manner using the designated evacuation routes. They are not to bring anything with them. The class chairperson/facilities representatives must switch off all lights and fans.
  4. It is important that Yuhuans familiarise themselves with the various evacuation routes at different points of the school, especially that of their form classrooms since they will spend most of their time in them.
  5. Once at the assembly area, assemble at class level in an orderly manner and wait for further instructions from the school authority.

 Evacuation Route to School Field

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