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Our Team
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Mr Kenny Low

Head of Department Science

Ms Cerenna Ng

Subject Head Chemistry

Mr Govindarajulu NaiduAssistant Year Head
Mr Alan Tam 


Mr Alvin Ng Teacher
Ms Bo Yiting Teacher
Ms Cheong Ai Hwa Teacher
Mr Clovis SongTeacher
Mdm Irfana BegumTeacher
Mr Lee Yi XinTeacher
Mdm Nor Aisha MazlanTeacher
Ms Shahidah SafiiTeacher
Mr Yeh Bao YawTeacher

Department Introduction

The Yuhua Science Department comprises of 14 dedicated and caring Science teachers, as well as 3 lab technicians. 
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The Department takes reference from MOE’s Science Curriculum Framework, which encapsulates the thrust of Science education in Singapore to prepare our students to be sufficiently adept as effective citizens, be able to function in and contribute to an increasingly technologically-driven society. 

sci.jpg The department aims to make the learning of Science fun while making it relevant to everyday life.

Signature Programme(s)


The iSEE programme is the signature programme of the Yuhua Science Department. It is explicitly linked to the various parts of the science curriculum. It provides regular pulses of learning opportunities which are progressive in nature such that they delve into the depth of the subject content. 

The iSEE learning programme will cover 3 fields in science, namely, 
(i) biodiversity, 
(ii) chemistry and our environment, and 
(iii) the physical world around us. 

To facilitate the inquiry learning process, all lower secondary students will experience the phases of inquiry learning by participating in modules covering each field/area. Each module will provide students with learning experiences (LE), exploratory and explanatory opportunities (EO) and extension of their learning to new contexts (EL). 

For example, the Secondary 2 students underwent an iSee module on the theme “Interactions” (Physical world around us) and were tasked to design a “solar cooker” which was used for cooking marshmallows. The project allows students to demonstrate their learning from the chapters on Energy and Work Done, Effects of Heat and its Transmission, as well as Chemical Changes, and allows the students to extend their learning to new contexts. 

Math-Nifi-Science Week

The Science department also collaborates with the Math department to organise the Math-nifi-Science week. 

The aims of the Math-nifi-Science week are:
arouse students’ learning interests through heightening students’ awareness of the interconnectedness of Mathematical and Scientific concepts. 
provide students with opportunities to apply Maths and Science concepts in real-world contexts.
deepen students’ mastery of fundamental mathematical and scientific skills to support the Maths and Science curriculum.

In 2019, some of the activities for Math-nifi-Science week included:
Learning Journey to the Science Centre for DinoQuest and a Mass Escape Room challenge
Paper aeroplane challenge 
Examining the microscopic world around us using a Foldoscope 

                                                                              Science Competitions

The Science department also regularly sends students for Science-related competitions, to provide additional exposure to content taught beyond the classroom. 

The following is a list of the competitions that the students have participated recently:
• Ignite Skills Challenge 2021 (Dancing Drone Challenge – Finalist)
• I am a Young Sustainability Champion (8 students made it to round 2 of the competition)
• Chemistry Olympiad 2021
• Singapore Physics League 2021
• Biology Olympiad 2021
• 10th International Biomedical Quiz 2021 
• National Science Challenge 2020