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Staff Digital Links

Yuhua Learning Portals

1. Singapore Student Learning Space


Click on the Student Learning Space logo to login.

2. School Learning Management System - MConline

Click on the MC LMS Logo

For Attendance Marking, Facility Booking, Equipment Booking, Announcement to Students, Lesson Resources and Creation, Social Learning Wall, Travel Plan Declaration and Student Password Reset.

Click here to download MCO LMS App 
Apple iTunes
Android Play Store

3. EL Portal

Click on the EL Portals Logo.
For Teaching, Learning and School-based Assessment of English.

4. iMTL Portal 乐学善用互动平台 Portal Interaktif

iMTL.jpgiMTL2.jpgClick on the iMTL Logo.
For Teaching, Learning and School-based Assessment of Mother Tongue Languages.

5. e-Library OPAC

library.jpgClick on the e-Library Logo.
For Access to a world of information, details of newest books, magazines and digital resources and loan records.

6. ACE Learning for Math


Click on the ACE Learning Logo.

For Access to the Mathematics E-learning System.

Yuhua Admin Portals

1. SMART e-Relief System


Click on the e-Relief Logo.
For Assignment of relief duties.  

2. e-Leave Application Portal

Click on the e-Leave Application Logo.
For application of leave to inform school and personnel involved. 

MOE HQ & HR Portals

1. SC Mobile 

               Click on the SC Mobile Logo.
              For Marking Students' Attendance. 

2. School Cockpit

Click on the School Cockpit Logo.
For School Cockpit Matters. Refer to School for Details.
Please open in Internet Explorer.

3. MOE Intranet

moe intranet.jpg

Click on the MOE Intranet Logo.
For MOE Admin Matters. Refer to School for Details.

4. Reset IAMS Password 

Click on the Reset IAMS Password Logo.
For SSOE Service Desk: 1800 7663 663

5. HR Online

hr online.png
Click on the HR Online Logo.
For Human Resource Matters. 

6. ICONnect Email

icon.jpgClick on the MOE ICON email Logo.

For MOE Email.


7. OPAL - One Portal All Learners


Click on the OPAL Logo.

For Training Courses, Details, Communities of Practice, Teaching Resources and Professional Development Resources. 

8. Traisi


Click on the Traisi Logo.

For Registration and Approval of Training Courses.

9. Pac@Gov


Click on the Pac@Gov Logo.

For Pay and Claims Needs. 

10. Gebiz


Click on the Gebiz Logo.

For Purchasing Needs.