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National Police Cadet Corps



NPCC is an organisation that firmly believes in the development of character, leadership and resilience. Training has evolved from just drills to include more structured and interesting training programs. Though a myriad of activities, values such as discipline, loyalty, integrity, resourcefulness, tenacity and civic-consciousness are inculcated to develop members into Caring and Responsible Citizens.

NPCC Mission: To develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.

NPCC Vision: To become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world.

NPCC Values: Resilience Integrity Service Excellence


Our Team

Teacher Officers
Mdm Salmi Salim (OC)
Mr Lee Yi Xin (dyOC)
Mdm Katherine Ya
Mr Mohamed Azmil
Mdm Kavitha

Star Leaders:
NPCC Boys Chairman: Joel Tan (303)
NPCC Girls Chairman: Kareen Nastasha Binte Hirman (308)
NPCC Boys Vice-Chairman: Tee Yong Hann, Nicholas (303)
NPCC Girls Vice-Chairman: Tan Yin Qi Vara Angeline (302)


Proficiency Badges
Sec1: Campcraft, Police Procedure, Crime Prevention, Road Safety, Total Defence Bronze, 3rd Class Drill
Sec2: Adventure Training Camp (ATC), Basic Law, Civil Defence (CD), Community Safety & Security Program (CSSP),               Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA), Total Defence Silver, 2nd Class Drill
Sec.3: Survival Training Camp (STC), Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Police Youth Ambassador (PYA), Markmanship,                Homefront Security (HFS), Total Defence Gold, 1st Class Drill
Sec.4: Best Unit Cadet (BUC), SPF-NPCC Badge

Sec.1: First Aid certification
Sec.2: One-Star Kayaking certification
Sec.3: Air Pistol

Sec.1: Police Heritage Centre (PHC)
Sec.2: Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC)
Sec.3: Home Team Gallery (HTG) 

Courses / Activities
Sec.1: Field Cooking, Swearing-In, Games Day, CSI (Level 1)
Sec.2: SGSecure, Unarmed Tactic Course, .22 Revolver Shoot, Cadet Leader Course, Road Safety Marshals, CSI (Level 2)
Sec.3: LMSC, .22 Revolver Shoot Test, Advanced CSI

Sec.1: Unit Annual Camp cum Field Cooking
Sec.2: Adventure Training Camp
Sec.3: Survival Training Camp

HQ Parades
NPCC Annual Parade
Police Day Parade
SYF Opening
National Day Parade

.22 Shooting Competition
.38 Shooting Competition
Campcraft Competition (bi-annual)
Inter-unit Drills Competition (bi-annual)
X-Challenge (bi-annual)
Youth Video Competition

Overseas Educational Visit by HQ
OEV to Brunei (Sec.2)
OEV to Hong Kong (Sec.3)


1. SPF-NPCC Badge 2019
         Zahwah Tay@Wei Na (413)
         Viczent Lim (412)

2. Unit Overall Achievement Award 2018 – Gold Award

3. 14th HCI NPCC Inter-Unit Bowling Competition 2018
        Girls Team Champion

Photo Albums

01 Air Pistol
Sec3 cadets attending Air Pistol enrichment course to prepare for their marksmanship test.

02 NPC Visit
Sec2 cadets visited the Neighbourhood Police Centre

03 PHC Visit
Sec1 cadets visited the Police Heritage Centre

04 FCOR Visit
Sec2 cadets visited the Former Combined Operations Room

05 CSI (Level 1)
Sec1 cadets get to be junior CSI by taking part in the fingerprint lifting technique.