Our Vision
A vibrant library to empower learning

Our Mission
To provide resources and an environment for students to excel as competent learners in the 21st Century

Our Motto
Bringing curiosity alive

At Yuhua Secondary School, the Media Resource Library (MRL), named Infoasis, actively promotes the Joy of Reading and targets for every student to be a strong reader and a lifelong learner. It also aims to play a key role in developing 21st Century Competencies in our students and has been evolving in many ways to cater to our digital readers.

In working towards the vision of ‘a vibrant library to empower learning’, we have introduced resources and an environment for Yuhuans to excel in the 21st Century. A normal school day will see many students engaging in active collaboration at discussion tables found throughout the Infoasis. The large learning space at the Infoasis also provides the opportunity for student workshops and dialogue sessions to be held here. 

Our Team

Mr Tham Kwok Kee 
Mrs Chinnamah Silvarajoo
Mdm Lalitha
Mdm Jane(Librarian)

Student Leaders
President: Koh Le Xuan 
Vice president: Jiselle Ng Sze Ching 
Vice President: Wint Thawda Lwin 


In the Library CCA, our student librarians are called ‘Info Ambassadors’ and are provided with opportunities to take on the role of event managers for programmes held in the activity space (examples being  National Day, Teachers’ Day, International Friendship Day, Blind Date with Books, games etc).

Librarians @ work


Scrabble Competition @Jurong Green CC

Info ambassadors learn information literacy skills through an in-house librarian skill development programme. 

Thematic displays by Info ambassadors:

Pocket-Sized Programme (Monthly Thematic Book Displays) and Other Displays Linked to Festivals/Cultures in Singapore.

Every month, our info ambassadors would prepare book displays and activities linked to different exciting topics or themes e.g. Chinese New Year, Know Your Library, Get to Know OPAC, Books to Movies, Racial Harmony Day and etc.

These book displays help to boost students’ interest in the different themes and genres of books and expose them to the new and current collections in the library. The displays also convey meaningful information about the topics/themes.



To recognise the service and contributions of our graduating info ambassadors, a farewell party was organised to thank them and to convey best wishes for their future.

Movie Screenings 
Books do come alive in movies. Watching movies based on popular books is a great way to have a glimpse into the world of the great writers. These movies also create a lot of curiosity in the children, resulting in them picking up the related books and reading them in detail.

Other Websites


Computers are available in the library for students to use for their school work and projects. They can also use the computers to access OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) to search for the availability of the books in the school libraries and check if they have any overdue books. 

They can also read and write book reviews, look out for book recommendations and find out more information about the books they are interested in. OPAC can be accessed from home too:


Upcoming Facilities

In the near future, the Infoasis will be furnished with IPADs that will be installed with a variety of edutainment apps. Students will also be able to use the IPADs to access a wide range of ebooks (fiction and non-fiction) to enhance their reading.