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Learning for Life Programme: MELODY

Our Learning for Life (LLP) programme, MELODY (Music Empowered Learners, Our Dynamic Yuhuans) is designed to encourage self-discovery, build character and to hone values through the learning of music. Learning a musical instrument often requires a high level of resilience and discipline. Playing music together encourages teamwork and graciousness as students learn about turn-taking and deep listening. In the process of learning music, students often strive to think ‘out of the box’ and to inject new ideas. It builds a spirit of adventure and develops critical thinking in the process. With this in mind, music becomes a natural platform to nurture students to become better prepared to thrive in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

MELODY will be introduced to students through 3 main avenues, Music in Curriculum, Music in CCA and Music Infusion.

Music in Curriculum involves the sharing of music knowledge through planned curriculum. It exposes students to various genres of music and also experiencing the learning of some musical instruments. This includes music lesson planned by the school’s music teacher, catering to the needs and abilities of lower secondary students. Bandsmen from Concert and Harmonica Band will have an opportunity to step into the music lesson to share their knowledge and expertise with their schoolmates. 

Our Music CCAs, Concert Band and Harmonica Band are platforms used to developed talented students in music. As champions in this area, they will get to learn a musical instrument in depth and have ample opportunities to express themselves through music and lead in music related activities.  The rigorous practice for accuracy hones self -discipline and builds on teamwork.  

Music Infusion intend to infuse music to all other areas of the school by providing music entourage and music stage. This includes our 2-2-1 Aesthetics Learning Programme, camp MELODY, the various platforms for students to express themselves through music such as Yuphonic Renditions and Lunchtime MELODY. The school is also tapping on some existing collaborations with our existing partners to provide various opportunities to expose Yuhuans to the arts.

2-2-1 Aesthetic Learning Programme:  A series of workshop used to support the learning of Aesthetics.  Secondary One student will be experience the learning of music and dance. At secondary two, students will continue the learning of music and also get to participate in a visual arts workshop to support the learning of arts curriculum.  As a student progresses to secondary three, he/ she will continue mastering the music module that they have learnt in lower secondary. This deepens students learning of music.

Camp MELODY: Camp MELODY is an orientation camp aimed to allow our secondary one freshmen to experience our distinctive programme, MELODY. Camp MELODY is championed by the leaders from concert band as well as student councillor board. The leaders from concert band took charge of the planning and execution of music related activities such as STOMP infusion workshop, STOMP campfire, sectional introduction, mass dance and foot drill under the guidance of teachers.  This orientation camp was well –received and was a memorable experience for all involved. 


Objectives of Camp MELODY: 

  • To orientate secondary one freshmen to school environment.
  • To allow all secondary one students to experience our Learning for Life Programme, MELODY.
  • To spread the Yuhua Spirit and create the Yuhua experience through the camp!
  • To provide a platform for student leaders to hone their leadership skills.

In our effort to welcome and to introduce our LLP, MELODY, to our secondary one students, the third run of Camp MELODY was carried out on 8 and 9 January 2016. A student-led camp, the Concert and Harmonica Bandsmen worked alongside with the Student Councillor Board in the planning and execution of the camp. Leaders from all CCA groups also get to lead the secondary ones as orientation group leaders during the camp. Their enthusiasm and warmth in engaging the secondary ones had indeed worked its magic, not to mention the exciting music-related activities such as STOMP infusion workshop, foot drill and mass dance.     

For the very first time, parents of the secondary one were invited to join the school during the campfire. The freshmen took the stage and performed what they have learnt from STOMP workshop for their families. The highlight of the campfire was the mass dance, when we see the Concert Band grooving away the catchy beats of ‘YMCA’ and the secondary one and audiences dancing to the live music displaying the spirit of Camp M.E.L.O.D.Y. The students much enjoyed themselves and it was definitely a melodious start to 2016!

Camp Melody 2014


Yuphonic Renditions

An excited murmur filled the lobby of the University Cultural Centre, NUS on the afternoon of 16 April 2016. Parents, invited guests, students, alumni and staff turned up for a highly anticipated performance, the Yuphonic Renditions 2016. Graced by our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development, and specially invited guests, the performance was opened with a symbolic release of sails, for “Riding the Waves of the Future”.


At the word ‘Go’, audiences were treated to visually stunning backdrops and mellifluous arrangements. From the soulful start by a harmonica solo to an energized vibe set up by the hip hop dancers to the Indian cultural dancers taking on narrative roles in the story telling; the storyline was set plainly against 8 short acts and closing celebration acts. These 8 acts corresponded to the 8 school values; Passion, leadership, responsibility, integrity, graciousness, resilience, adaptability and innovativeness.


Using the litheness and fluidity of Chinese dancers to the fullest advantage, the stage turned into a raging storm. Only to have the scene stealers come on stage~ the Malay cultural dancers. Dance, is a conceptual expression which one often finds hard to understand. And this group was to enact the value of "Adaptability" which is just as difficult to represent. But through skilful choreography, the spirit of adaptability was built up layer by layer: at the start, in the repairing of a damaged ship, the dancers used their bodies and props to demonstrate how one could transport people across the stage. This was followed by the formation of a human bridge to ferry people across the stage. However, no one could have foreseen the scene stealer, where simple bamboo props became a raft with which one stands tall on the shoulders of others. This unfolding of complex movements took place in just minutes. The audience broke concert etiquette to applaud. Indeed, this is the embodiment of courage and creativity. And indeed adaptability.


Musicality-wise the successful twinning of wushu and hip hop on stage was one of the most unexpected meld of culturally different traditions. One of Rudyard Kipling’s famous lines “east is east, and west is west; and never the twain shall meet” ~ with this performance surely that line has to be thrown out of the window. Similarly, Dikir Barat, through the use of English in its rendition, it has become an easier art form to understand whilst keeping its unique rhyming structure and rhythm.


With the characteristic Yuhuan warmth, the performance was brought to a close with Les Miserables’ “insert song title” played by the Yuhuan concert band. Against the running backdrop of a photo slideshow of familiar faces sweating it out and keeping their cheerful smiles, one could feel the striving of Yuhuans for their future, towards a world that’s carved with their name on it.


Yuphonics Rendition: One theme, 8 acts. One Yuhuan.

Every Yuhuan, a person with multi-faceted talents, displaying tenacity and the giving of their best.

Yuphonics 2018. We await you. 

Music for Everyone

In Yuhua Secondary School, music is infused not only in the school’s curriculum, but also the non-music related CCAs. Click here to read our article on Schoolbag!

2-2-1 Aesthetics Enrichment Workshop


  • To nurture and develop in students an appreciation for the arts and a keen sense of Aesthetics.
  • To allow students to experience the learning of dance, visual arts and music.

Hip hop workshop.JPG
Digital music workshop (1).JPG

As part of the effort to nurture in our students a keen sense of aesthetics, secondary one to three students had the opportunity to experience the learning of hip-hop dance, digital arts and digital music respectively. Through these workshops, students get to discover their own strengths and talents beyond the classroom, They also get to build on their social and emotional competencies through the practice of arts. 


Expose, Experience, Express

Lunchtime M.E.L.O.D.Y & Digital Music Workshop