Mr Rajasekaran SockalingamHOD Mathematics
 Mdm Chung Voon Rou
Year Head
 Mdm Gejavalli d/o Ramasamy
School Staff Developer 
Mdm Chan May Foon
Mr Isaac Tan
 Mrs Nah Jia Yun Teacher
  Mr Raguvaran s/o RajanderanTeacher
Mdm Salmiyati Salim 
Mr Samuel TanTeacher
Ms Shamsiah M Din Teacher
Mr Soong Yu-Juan  Teacher 
 Mr Tan Kian SoonTeacher
Mdm Pappu Lalitha Allied Educator  

Mathematics Curriculum

The Mathematics Department recognises the importance of building strong Mathematics foundations in our students. We aim to engage our students in their learning of Mathematics and to develop them be active learners who are able to articulate mathematics concept confidently while striving for accuracy and clarity in problem solving.



The objectives of the Mathematics syllabus are to enable students to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts; apply and interpret mathematical concepts learnt in familiar and unfamiliar contexts; analyse problems; formulate them into mathematical terms and use the appropriate strategies to solve them; verify and interpret the solutions; and present their mathematical arguments and solutions in a logical and clear fashion. The learning of Mathematics is made meaningful for the students through learning experiences as well as hands-on activities such as the use of algebraic tiles or 3-D models. Learning also takes place beyond classrooms through Mathematics Trails and outdoor lessons where students are provided with opportunities to apply what they have learnt to real –world problems.

Additional Mathematics

The main objectives of the Additional Mathematics syllabus is to prepare students adequately for A Level H2 and H3 Mathematics and certain polytechnic courses where a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning skills are required. Additional Mathematics must be taken concurrently with O Level Mathematics. The Additional Mathematics syllabus will enable students to produce imaginative and creative work arising from mathematical ideas as well as develop the abilities to reason logically, to communicate mathematically, and to learn cooperatively and independently.

Talent Development

Students with a flair for Maths will have opportunities to take part in local and international competitions such as All Secondary School Mathematics Competition and ICAS by UNSW to expose them to a higher level of Mathematics. Normal (Academic) students who perform well in their Mathematics examination at the end of Secondary Two are also given the choice to take up GCE O-Level Mathematics at Secondary Three N(A). Secondary Two Express and N (A) students who show an exceptional ability in Mathematics can also offer Additional Mathematics from Secondary Three onwards. 

Department Highlights

  • Math-nifi-Science Week 2017

  • CSI Escape Room for Secondary 3 Students (during Math-nifi-Science Week 2016)

All Secondary 3 Students were involved in an intense session of mathematics and science problem solving during the integrated Math and Science Week in 2016, working to solve a mystery case!

  • Mathnificient Week 2015

Students were involved in a series of activities outside schools where they had the opportunity to apply concepts they learnt in real-life contexts, enriching their learning experiences.

  • Math Clinic

Selected Sec 1 and 2 students receive training in the mastery of mathematics by the Allied Educators after school once a week.  The clinic is open four days to accommodate the availability of students.

  • March Extended Lessons

Sec 1E students need more time to grasp new concepts. The extended lessons increase the instructional time so that students can learn at a comfortable pace. Teachers will also have ample time to help students revise before exams.

  • Mathematics Trail @ Changi Airport

Sec 1 students experience problem solving in real life context and learn more about Singapore through this post exam activity. Students spend half a day participating in various hands on activities at Changi Airport's Terminal 3. 

Department Gallery

CSI Escape Room 2016
Mathematics Trail