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Information, Communication and Technology

 Ms Germain KangHOD ICT 
 Mr Joshua TanYear Head 
 Mr Wilfred LimAssistant Year Head 
Mdm Salmiyati SalimCPA Coordinator 
 Mr Alvin NgTeacher 
 Mr John HoTeacher 
 Mdm Muliyahna SaniTeacher 
 Mrs Elsie TanICT Manager
 Mr Jeffrey Brian ICT Executive  
Ms Linda ICT Trainer 
Mr Mawi  Technical Assistant 
Mr Shim  Technical Assistant

Information Communication Technology Curriculum

Through our departmental programmes, students will be able to:

  • Acquire a variety of ICT skills and gain awareness on of  Cyber wellness issues;
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Develop analytical and evaluative skills and the ability to make judgments;
  • Develop personal attributes of self and relationship management, social awareness, and responsible decision-making.

Computer Applications

Our Computer Applications unit aims to provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills in using a variety of application software and associated computer hardware to accomplish tasks, communicate, and facilitate activities. Our programs are designed and customised to the interests and needs of our Normal Technical students . The Computer Application curriculum allows our students to develop an awareness of how computing technology is used in the home, school, workplace and community. Students will learn to appreciate the role ICT plays in everyday life and recognize the impact ICT has on society.  

Elements of Business Skills

Our Elements of Business Skills unit aims to develop basic employability and understanding of business activities in the travel and tourism, hospitality and retail industries. Our programmes are designed and customised to the interests and needs of our Normal Technical students from Secondary 3 and 4. The Elements of Business Skills curriculum allows our students to develop basic concepts of marketing and customer relations. Students will be able to put their knowledge to use during on learning journeys to selected industries and hotels.

ICT Enrichment Programme

Lower Secondary Students will be exposed to bi-weekly lessons to acquire baseline ICT skills and video editing skills.