Aesthetics, Craft & Technology


Mdm Gan May Ling Pamela 
SH Food & Nutrition 
Ms Claire Lee
SH Aesthetics
Mr Dolly Yansen Art Teacher
Ms Zurainah Bte Ahmid Art Teacher 
Mr Desmond Wee Liang Chew
Electronics Teacher
Ms Josephine Lim Siew Ein  Music Teacher 
Mdm Lee Yue Zhi  Music Teacher  
Mr Eric Lee Hong Yun Smart Electrical Technology Teacher
Mr Sim Lit Sen Smart Electrical Technology Teacher
 Mr Soong Yu Juan Design & Technology Teacher
Mr Tan Wee Meng Design & Technology Teacher
Mr Leroy Sng HOD SM, Food & Nutrition Teacher
Ms Nurhuda Bte Pardi Food & Nutrition Teacher
Ms Shamim Nisha Food & Nutrition Teacher
Mdm Zakiah  Food & Nutrition Teacher 
Mr Ho Chin Why Workshop Instructor
Mr Noor Hazemi B Ribot   Workshop Instructor

Aesthetics, Craft & Technology Curriculum

Through our departmental programmes, students will be able to:

  • Develop an appreciation and gain adequate information on the various forms of Art; 
  • Approach problem solving through creativity and innovation; 
  • Communicate their ideas and thoughts clearly and effectively. 

*NEW Enhanced Music Programme (2017)

Music is one of the most powerful forms of communication. What is lesser known about music is that it also helps us to resolve our deepest inner conflicts. As in any other discipline, the learning of music (or a particular instrument) requires a high level of self-discipline and regular practice for accuracy and precision.

To attain a greater synergy with our school’s Learning for Life Programme, MELODY, aspiring music students from Secondary 3 Express course who have the passion, talent and aptitude for music can opt to develop stronger mastery and pursue a lifelong interest in this area through the ‘O’ level Music programme. Yuhuans can look forward to deepen their musical knowledge, learn from artistes and musicians and contribute to the cultural life of the community.

*NEW Smart Electrical Technology (2017)

Have you ever wished you could use your smartphone to switch off the fan or air-conditioning which was left running while you rushed out of the house? This is one of the many bright ideas of how technology can help to make life better for us.

The Smart Electrical Technology will be offered as an ‘N’ level elective for Secondary 3 N(T) course students from 2017 who will learn the knowledge and skills in planning and designing a smart home or workplace enabled with automation technology/systems.

Aesthetics / Visual Arts

Our Aesthetics and Visual Arts unit aims to provide students with the opportunity to give form and meaning to their ideas and also to express their thoughts and feelings through Visual and Performing Arts.  Our programmes are designed and tailored to the interests and needs of our students.  The art curriculum and enrichment lessons are integrated to enhance student learning.  The school adopts a 3 tiered framework, “Expose”, “Experience” and “Expression”  to ensure that our programmes maintain its progressiveness while exposing our students to different forms of Art.    

Design & Technology

Our Design & Technology unit seeks to enhance student learning through meaningful design processes and strive to imbue 21st Century skills such as creativity, critical and inventive thinking .   During the design process, students will also be able to build values such as empathy, responsibility and self-discipline.  To expose our students to real life applications and to prepare them to be work ready, the unit incorporates CAD software in its curriculum.  The unit is also exploring the use of 3D printing in the D & T curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning of creative design. 

Food and Consumer Education / Food & Nutrition

Our FCE/FN unit has its curriculum designed to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; enabling them to better manage their lives for the present and the future.  The unit continues to sustain good academic results through its structured curriculum to develop students who understand in depth the inter-relationships between diet, health and culinary skills.  The unit constantly sends students to participate in external competitions such as iChef by Republic Polytechnic to enrich learning experiences where they can put their skills and knowledge learnt in class to practical use.  Our students have constantly achieved stellar results in these external competitions and have become more confident in the process.

Art Unit Highlights

  • Mixed Media Course
Composite Art & Design for Secondary 3NA

Students learnt to make interesting 3D mixed media collages using a variety of everyday objects and materials together with paint, ink and pastels.     

  • Learning Journeys
ArtScience Museum for Secondary 4T1

Students enriched their art learning by visiting the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, where they immersed themselves in a range of moving visuals and interactive exhibits.

  • Design Course
Students learnt to design their personalised nameplates using typography and the elements of art and design in this fun and dynamic course.            

  • Racial Harmony Day Exhibition (Digital Photography Course)
Secondary 3E students

Budding photographers had a chance to showcase their creativity through this Racial Harmony Day exhibition entitled “Home: Joint Hopes, Shared Memories”. Key to their learning was their ability to appreciate racial diversity and community living.  

  • Craft & Tech Exhibition 2011 - 'Eco Art'
Using recycled materials, students created fascinating artworks in accordance to the theme, ‘Sustainability’.

  • Collaborative Project with The Esplanade

Reflections of Trust 


in conjunction with the 10 th  Anniversary of
= Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay =

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay commemorates its 10th anniversary in with the theme  Celebrating Life – The best of the Human Spirit through the Arts  . We are indeed honoured to be a part of the celebrations. Yuhua Secondary School Art students embarked on  V.I.P.  – a schools outreach project. 

V.I.P.  stands for  alues  nspired  roject and it aims to cultivate  alues  nspired  eople. This project inspired students to reflect upon and embrace a value - TRUST. Their understanding and perception of the value is then translated into a piece of art. Their final artworks are displayed at the Esplanade.

Design & Technology Unit Highlights

Marketing Innovation Challenge

Our D&T students, Zinzin, Yueqi, Jamal, and Jiawei took part in the Marketing Innovation Challenge 2013, organized by Republic Polytechnic.

During the competition, they identified the common problem of messy book shelves. They carried out research and eventually conceptualised an idea to solve the problem through the use of wireless technology. Their final task was to market the idea through the use of info-graphics. Though they did not win the top prizes, they were named the "Most Energetic Team" by the judges. The experience gain is certainly very relevant to both their D&T coursework and their future career.

Food & Nutrition Unit Highlights

iChef 2013 Champions
Congratulations to our Yuhua Chefs for emerging as Champions of the iChef Cooking Competition 2013!

Best student chefs in Singapore

Out of 300 students, two from Yu Hua Secondary School emerged as champions of the iChef cooking competition held by Republic Poly. Find out what were the dishes that wowed the judges and bagged them the top prize.



买不到食材 两女生仍夺厨艺冠军    






一道道香味扑鼻的马来椰浆焖鸡肉(ayam rendang)、排骨面、板面、鸡肉沙爹、云吞面……光看就令人垂涎三尺。不过这几道美食并非出自专业厨师之手,而是20名中学生的杰作。

由新加坡共和理工学院举办的第三届iChef厨艺大赛,上星期四(12日)圆满落幕。在大决赛中夺得冠军头衔的,是两名来自裕华中学的15岁女生普特利(Putri Nurhaidah Bte Mohd Abdul Aleem)和努尔(Nur Zulaikha Zulkifli)。



iChef厨艺大赛今年吸引了近50所中学的300多名学生参加,为本地规模最大的中学生烹饪比赛。这项比赛由共和理工学院的酒店与服务管理系(School of Hospitality)主办。








今年的iChef厨艺大赛邀请到教育部兼通讯及新闻部政务部长沈颖担任决赛嘉宾。比赛亚军由圣伯特理中学(St Patrick's Sch)的队伍获得,季军则归圣升明径学校(Assumption Pathway Sch)队伍。

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