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Flagship Programmes


The Scientific Experiential & Exploratory (iSEE) learning programme is a flagship programme of the Science Department. iSEE seeks to (i) enable students to view the pursuit of Science as meaningful and useful and (ii) to nurture the student as an inquirer to explore their natural and physical world. Currently the iSEE learning programme is offered to all Secondary One and Secondary Two students at YHSS.

The iSEE programme is explicitly linked to the various parts of the Science curriculum. The iSEE learning programme covers three fields in Science, namely, (i) biodiversity, (ii) chemistry and our environment, and (iii) the physical world around us. Each module provides students with learning experiences, exploratory and explanatory opportunities and extension of their learning to new contexts.

2017 Programme updates:

In Term 1 2017, the team of Biology Teachers further refined the iSEE module 1 – “ Case of the Missing Geneticist”, and provided an engaging investigative task for Sec 1 students to delve deeper into the topic of Biodiversity.  Through their investigative work, students gained more knowledge of interesting real-world topics beyond the Lower Secondary Science syllabus, for instance Genetic Modification and Natural History.

In Term 2, 2017, the team of Physics Teachers rolled out a new iSEE module, “A ‘Heated’ Business of New Energy” where students took on the roles of CEO, Engineers and Marketing Directors, to plan, prototype and present a solar cooker that they designed as a team. Through this exciting and engaging learning experience, students have not only deepened their understanding of the physics topics such as “Energy and Work Done” and “Transmission of Heat” but also practise and apply 21st Century Competencies such as research, knowledge application, teamwork, communication and self-directed learning.

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The (MA)3 programme is focussed on developing ‘Memory’, ‘Mastery’ and ‘Modelling’ with the aim of improving students’ learning of Mathematics and their competency in problem solving. Engaging activities are designed with customisation in mind, resulting in learning experiences that are student-centred. The development of 21st century skills is integrated into the programme where suitable. Values education is also featured in some of the activities to ensure the programme develops both the intellect and character of the students. 


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