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Outdoor & Physical Education @YHSS

Sports Carnival 2016

The Sports Carnival is held every year to give students an exposure to different elective sports beyond their PE lessons and to inculcate a passion for life-long learning in Yuhuans. This year, we held our second Sports Carnival, keeping the well-received inline-skating from last year’s programme. Besides that, 5 new and exciting sports were introduced to students. Students learnt about handball, an uncommon sport in Singapore. In fact, only a small number of secondary schools have this sport as a CCA.

Archery, historically used as a means of hunting and combat, also made an appearance this year together with defense arts such as Karate and Silat. Tag rugby, a relatively less popular sport than rugby, was also introduced. Tag rugby is considered as less physical than rugby as the defense only needs to pull the velco tag, rather than launch a full tackle. Dance sports was another eye-opening activity students could participate in. The Sports Carnival is an innovative way to cater to the different interests of Yuhuans and prove that there are many ways to stay active in our daily lives.

Holistic Health Day 2016

Holistic Health Day is an annual event co-organised by both the Character and Citizenship (CCE) committee and P.E department. In conjunction with National Day celebrations, students are engaged in meaningful exercise and allowed to enjoy themselves, while building a cohesive school spirit at the same time.

Different from last year’s events, students are introduced to brisk walking instead of running. In addition, they took part in a series of Heritage Games, including a new game, line soccer. Line soccer is akin to life-sized foosball, where students are to stay stationary while trying to kick the ball through their opponents' goal posts. This fast-paced and exciting game was one of the highlights of the Heritage Games this year. The brisk walk itself also incorporated meaningful activities related to elements which make up Singapore, our home.

Yuhua Challenge Run 2017