Yuhua Wushu Team was established in March 2008, possibly under the influence of Mr Vincent Ng, an ex-Yuhuan who became a Wushu World Champion, a SEA Games Gold Medalist, and a television celebrity well known for his martial arts skills. Since then, batches and batches of Yuhuans have been exploring this artistic sport eagerly, training hard to achieve the beautiful combination of power, flexibility and stamina required.

Our current team consists of a group of motivated students, professional and dedicated coaches from Cosmo Wushu Academy, and teachers-in-charge who are also passionate about this sport. In our united team, it’s no longer just a distant dream to learn cool moves such as floor sweep kick, double flying kick and butterfly twist, and master weapons ranging from sword, broadsword, nan dao, cudgel and spear to taichi sword.

Although most of our members started from complete scratch when joining the team, many could put up quality performances since Sec 1 and be selected for National Inter-School Wushu Championship since Sec 2. We are invited to perform for almost every school function and we never fail to receive rousing applause from the audience, thanks to the guidance from the coaches and teachers-in-charge and most importantly our own diligence and resilience, both physically and mentally, behind the scene. 

 Yuhua Wushu might be the best place in building self-discipline, resilience, mental toughness and physical strength - attributes which will stand us in good stead in life. Our team awaits you, the future Kung Fu Master!

Teachers In Charge

Ms Ye Dan
Ms Alvina Leong Wai Loke
 Mr Zulhaqil B Jumail 

Student Leaders

Cindy Png4E6
Irfan Samad4E7
Sia Xin Han, Scott4E7 

CCA Gallery


CCA Highlights

  • Performance: Chinese New Year (Feb)
  • Competition: National Inter-School Wushu Championship (Apr)
  • Performance: Speech Day (Apr)
  • Performance: Yuhua Public Concert "Yuphonic Renditions"
  • Bonding Day and Pizza Day


Loo Jun Xian, Ken (3E5) - Bronze Medal in Nan Dao event, National Inter-School Wushu Championship (B Boys)

Loo Jun Xian, Ken (4E5)
10th (out of 28) in Nan Dao event,
12th (out of 40) in Nan Gun event, 12th (out of 33) in Nan Quan event, National Inter-School Wushu Competition (B Boys)