“All the word’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players...”

– William Shakespeare

In 2014, ELDDS and Editorial Board merged to form StageWright.


How we got our name

The new name is a spin on the sound of ‘STAGE RIGHT’ (the name, which the ELDDS had taken on in 2013, refers to the technical name for part of a stage, and signifies the club’s commitment to staging right and doing theatre well) and the idea of writing or ‘PLAYWRIGHT’.

StageWright is committed, not only to expose our members to explore different types of theatres, the history of theatre, playwriting. But also to introduce other aspects of using the English Language in communication, such as public speaking.

A new performing arts group in Yuhua

With the members’ flair for the dramatics and their love for performance, StageWright evolved to cater to their interests and in 2016 came under the umbrella of the performing arts CCA group in Yuhua Secondary School. 

Teachers In Charge

Ms Melissa Ng Shu Ting
Mr Tan Kian Soon
Ms T Parvathy



Student Leaders





Training Schedule

Training DayTime (Duration)Location
Tuesday3 to 6 pmAuditorium
Thursday3 to 6 pmAuditorium

CCA Gallery

Public Speaking
Theatre Exposure

CCA Highlights

Yuphonic Renditions 2014 & 2016

StageWright’s involvement in the school’s public concerts was central. Our actors led the audience on an insightful journey to uncover the story that binds the various scenes put up by the different CCA groups. 


Theatre Exposure 

Since its conceptualisation, StageWright has sought to expose its members to various forms of theatre. Through the Theatre Experience programme, members get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide variety of dramas.

  • Peer Pleasure 2016: International Friendship Day, staged by The Necessary Stage
  • Shakespeare in the Park 2015: The Tempest, staged by Singapore Repertory Theatre
  • Sisters by Jean Tay 
  • The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, staged by Wild Rice
  • The Book of Living and Dying, staged by The Finger Players 

These gave our members the opportunity to explore different types of theatres from a simple black box to a big theatre. They were also given the opportunity to speak to the playwrights and directors so as to get a better idea of the conceptualization and the hard work that goes behind each play. 


Drama Presentations

Human Values Drama Festival

StageWright’s very first drama competition! After months of hardwork, from conceptualizing ideas for the script, to writing and bringing the ideas to life, StageWright members took to the stage and presented their original script titled ‘Peace’ to a panel of judges.


Annual Speech Day Concert

Our members were delighted to be a part of the school’s 30th Anniversary cum Official Opening Ceremony on 30th April 2015. Using a multi-modal approach, the members put together an interesting performance which highlighted our aspirations as a school, from the past, present and for the future.


Public Speaking Opportunities

Various different opportunities in public speaking were also offered to StageWright members, such as emcee-ing for Speech Day, National Day and Yuhua’s SYF showcase. We also sent one of our top orators, Muhd Jaasir from 4E6, to take part in a speech competition in Methodist Girls’ School where he emerged as one of the Top Five speakers.

Upcoming Events

  • Theatre Exposure (Jul 2016)
  • StageWright Mini Showcase (Oct 2016)
  • StageWright Camp (Nov 2016)