Malay Dance



The Malay Dance is made up of a team of lively and enthusiastic dancers who are always positively driven to produce great and entertaining dance items. Driven by the mission of inspiring grace through dance, the dance team strives to refine their art form through intensive training sessions under the guidance of the coach and senior members of the dance team.

The Malay Dance team is currently exploring different genres of the Malay Dance form. Under the coaching of a renowed Malay Dance Instructor, Mr Azmi, the dance members are given extensive trainings to perfect their dance steps and deepen their understandings on the dynamics of both traditional and contemporary Malay Dance. This year, the dance team explored a deeper level of contemporary Malay Dance form in preparation for our year-end Gala Dinner concert performance.

Above all, we hope to instil positive values such as respect, care and concern and self-discipline in our dance members as well as to deepen their passion and interest in the dance form. 

In 2019, following the merged school directions, the Malay Dance team will be merged together with the other dance groups to form one big dance family. 


Teachers In Charge

Ms Sharifah Yasmine
Ms Shamim Nisha
 Ms Shamsiah Mohd Din 

Student Leaders

PresidentSiti Maisarah Bte Hanabi3N2
Vice-PresidentNurhayati Bte Samsudin3E5
Vice-President Salwa Syahirunnisaa 3E6 

CCA Gallery

Malay Dance 2017
Malay Dance 2018

Key Milestones & Developmental Platforms

Exposure to External Dance Performance
Students are given the opportunity to experience performance at an outdoor venue. This year, the Malay Dance team was invited to be a part of the Jurong Spring Community Centre’s National Day Performance together with performers from other schools. This experience is a pivotal component of the a dancer’s holistic development as it allows the dancer to grow in character and confidence as they orientate themselves to a public stage.  

Exposure to a professional dance performance 
Each year, selected students are brought to watch a professional dance performance so that they can expand their dance vocabulary and expressions. This year, the dance team is privileged to be given the opportunity to watch Azpirasi’s performance entitled Karya 2018.  
Giving Back to the Community
Each year, the Malay Dance team strives to give back to the community. This year, we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our school’s Project G.I.F.T where we staged a mini performance within our Jurong Spring community in an effort to bring festive cheer to our residents. 

CCA Highlights

The Malay Dance team together with Mr Desmond Lee and Ms Ng Sook Kit after our National Day Performance at Jurong Spring Community Centre 

Malay Dance  MLD H1.jpg

A Mandatory Pre-Show pose!

Malay Dance  MLD H2.JPG
Celebrating our Seniors! 

Malay Dance MLD H3.jpg


SYF Arts Presentation

The Malay Dance was awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment in the 2013 SYF Arts Presentation (Malay Dance Category) for their performance entitled Inang Man is. The Malay Dance continues to helm the Certificate of Accomplishment Award as they participated in the SG 50 Youth Celebrate! Flag Display as part of jubilee year Youth Day Celebrations.