As Martin Luther once said “As long as we live, there is never enough singing”, the voice is the most natural instrument that everyone can learn to harness and express through. 

The Choir aims to inculcate a love of music in its members and to remind them that where words fail, singing rings true. Newly formed in 2016, the Choir is a young but vibrant CCA that encourages confidence and creativity in its members through the art of music-making and singing. From its first Sec 1 intake of 11 students, the Choir has swelled to almost 30 students in a matter of months. Members are trained by experienced instructors from the Kodaly Academy and develop holistically through a comprehensive program that includes rehearsals, sectionals, camps, concert attendance, workshops and many more activities! 

Following three successful performances in 2016, the Choir participated in the SYF 2017 and clinched a Certificate of Accomplishment! A commendable feat for a CCA only just over a year old. The Choir is one of the CCAs that help develop students to take the Enhanced Music Programme (EMP) in preparation for the GCE O Level Music exam. Yuhua Secondary School is proud to be the only West Zone school to offer EMP from 2017.

Teachers In Charge

Ms Lee Yue Zhi (Mrs Chua)
 Ms Josephine Lim Siew Ein 
 Ms Lau Hui Ning

Student Leaders

Lutfiah Insyirah  3E7   
Emily Poh 2E4 

CCA Gallery

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CCA Highlights

Yuphonic Renditions 2014 & 2016


SYF 2017 - Certificate of Accomplishment