About the Library Council

The Library Council’s vision is to create “A vibrant library to empower learning”. To achieve this vision, we have introduced resources and an environment for Yuhuans to excel in the 21st Century. Subject learning guides and other learning resources such as textbooks & past year exam papers are also available in the Infoasis for your loan. Acknowledging our Yuhuans’ wishes for a conducive study environment, a normal school day will see many students engaging in active collaboration at discussion tables found throughout the Infoasis. The discussion pods are also a new addition to the learning spaces in the Infoasis.

The large learning space in the Infoasis also provides the opportunity for student workshops and dialogue sessions to be held here.

Teachers In Charge

Mdm Yang Yan
Mdm Pappu Lalitha
 Mdm Jane Lee (Librarian) 

Student Leaders

Chua Yu Tyng 4E7
Jeevan S/O Minachisundram 3N3

CCA Gallery

Infoasis Gallery
Learning Journey to NLB
Library Week

CCA Highlights

In the Library CCA, our student librarians are called “Info Ambassadors” in line with the name of the library.

Beyond our duties of shelving and mending books, we are provided with opportunities to take on the role as event managers for programmes held in the activity space (an example is the Racial Harmony Day games).

Our info ambassadors will be developed in information literacy skills through an in-house librarian skill development programme. You will also be given opportunities to participate in exciting programmes conducted by the NLB.

Yuhua Secondary was featured in the Read@School Newsletter!

LC2.jpgSchool Reading Ambassador on 16 February 2016

A school reading ambassador workshop was held in Yuhua Secondary which focused on teaching book review and book talking skills. After learning how to write book reviews, students were tasked to prepare a book talk script to recommend their favourite books. 


Read Reap Write 
This activity was conducted for selected Secondary 1 and 2 students on 28 March 2016. In this activity, students participatd in insightful discussions after reading an extract from the science-fiction novel, Viridian. The reflection activities asked students to imagine that they were the main character in the story and what they would do to deal with the situation. The extract also served as a stepping point for students to explore environmental issues. 

Book Buzz

Secondary 1 to 3 students participated in a Book Buzz talk on 25 May 2016. They were introduced to good reads from various fiction genres such as A Monster Calls and The Shadow Hero. Students were captivated by the different books recommended and the book trailers screened. Students also learnt how to access books online so that they can read their favourite books easily. 

Library Opening Hours

Available DaysMondays to Fridays
Opening Hours830 -  430 PM


*Library closed when Library Officer is absent.