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Co-Curricular Activities

CCA Policy

As part of our students’ holistic development in Yuhua Secondary School, all Yuhuans will be actively contributing in a school-based main CCA throughout their 4/5 years in the school. CCA involvement in secondary school is compulsory as it is a platform designed by the school to provide an authentic learning experience that enable students to acquire skills, competencies and essentially, inculcate values such as responsibility and commitment to build sound character.

While our focus is on mass participation, selected students will be given the opportunity to represent the school in competitions and events. Our CCA covers activities from uniformed groups and visual and performing groups to physical sports and clubs.

The CCA compulsory day will be conducted on every Friday from 2.30 to 6.00 pm. When need arises, CCA sessions will be conducted on Tuesdays from 3.00 to 6.00 pm. Concert Band members may have to attend Saturday sessions while cadets in the Uniformed Groups are required to attend HQ events throughout the year. Information forms will be issued to parents for the additional CCA sessions or/and any changes in CCA schedule.

For our Sec 1 students, we will be organizing the CCA Orientation as part of the experience to cultivate students to learn new set of skills based on individual interest. 

Sec 1 students should attend the CCA Orientation to experience and learn in depth the CCA of interest. In addition, Sec 1 students should attend the CCA audition/trial/interview to be considered for it. 

Please refer below for the programme dates:

CCA Briefing8 January 2018
Concert Band Selection Days (Express Stream Only)8 January 2018
Concert Band Selection Days (NA and NT Only)9 January 2018 
Concert Band Result Release11 January 2018 
Other CCA Selection Days 16 and 19 January 2018 

Note: To all Sec 1 Students, do look for CCA Teacher I/C for the venue allocated during the first day commencement date of CCA.

CCATeacher I/CCCA Venue
INFOCOMMdm ZurainahCOMP LAB 2 (A4-03)    
 RoboticsMr Daniel Tan IT Resource Room 1  
 CLDDSMdm Wang Runjia IT Resource Room 2 
 NPCC  Mdm Salmiyati School Parade Square 
 NCCMs Syahirah School Parade Square 
NCDCC Mr Clovis Song School Parade Square 
 Concert Band Ms Claire LeeBand Room (G3-08) 
Harmonica Band Mr Hafiz Harmonica Room (G3-01) 
 ChoirMdm Yue Zhi AVA Room (A5-04) 
 Chinese DanceMs Audrey Tan Health and Fitness Room (C1-02) 
Indian Dance Ms Fathima BLK A Level 5 Dance Corner 
Malay Dance Ms Sharifah Yasmine Music Room (G3-09) 
Stagewright  Ms Melissa NgClass Room D3-09 
 HockeyMr Max Lim Chiang LongHockey Village/School Field 
 Sepak TakrawMdm Noorlinda School Hall 
Tchoukball Mr John Ho Tchoukball Court (G1-01) 
 VolleyballMs Bo Yiting Indoor Sports Hall 
Wushu  Mdm Ye DanSchool Hall 

Please click on the links below for description of each CCA as well as the teachers in charge.

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Clubs & Societies
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Performing Arts

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Physical Sports