Our Culture and Heritage

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Yuhua Secondary School started in January 1986 with Mr Loh Weng Kheong as its first Principal. On 16 September 1988, Yuhua Secondary School was officially declared opened by the Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, then Member of Parliament for Yuhua GRC. Since its inception in 1986, under the leadership of its six Principals, Yuhua Secondary has always strived to provide a student-centric, values-driven education for all.

In December 2011, Yuhua Secondary embarked on another new chapter with Ms Ng Sook Kit taking over its helm. Garnering the support of Yuhuans, staff and stakeholders the school focused on enhancing ‘The Yuhua Experience’ to provide Yuhuans with multiple learning opportunities; improving ‘The Yuhua Programme’ to value-add to Yuhuans’ knowledge, skills and prepare them for life; strengthening ‘The Yuhua Spirit’ by leveraging partnerships to help Yuhuans succeed; and nurturing ‘The Desired Yuhuan Profile’ encapsulated in the 4Cs, namely clarity, confidence, commitment and courage. To further the pursuit in developing Yuhuans holistically and create a vibrant learning culture, many new initiatives such as the Habits of Mind, department flagship programmes, iSAY student forum, Holistic Health Run, Distinguished Speaker Series, Learning Fiesta, etc. were introduced. The Integrated Project and Events Management (Applied Learning Programme) and MELODY (Learning-for-Life Programme) were conceptualised and introduced in 2014 to develop lifelong learners who are passionate, purposeful and resilient.

The school underwent the Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing Schools (PRIME) from 2013 to 2014. With the completion of PRIME, facilities such as the indoor sports hall, an auditorium with 150-seating capacity, barrier-free access features and special teaching rooms for collaborative learning have created more opportunities to provide a more conducive and inclusive learning environment. To mark the significance in the completion of PRIME in December 2014, all staff and Yuhuans, accompanied by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Desmond Lee, embarked on a ‘Walk to Remember’ from the holding site to Jurong West Street 41. The walk also symbolises Yuhua’s commitment in the pursuit of excellence.

On 30 April 2015, the new school campus was officially declared open by Mr Desmond Lee, then Minister of State, Ministry of National Development and Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations. A tree named Averrhoa carambola L, was planted to signify the school’s commitment to environmental protection as well as to symbolise the partnership between school and community in nurturing the young. As part of SG50 Celebrations, a tribute to the pioneer educators was also made in recognition of their contributions to the school and nation-building.

Driven by the school philosophy, Every Student Our Responsibility, Ms Ng led the school in 2015 to embark on a re-envisioning journey. A series of Yuhua Conversations were carried out with key stakeholders to envision the school’s future directions in providing a holistic education that prepares Yuhuans to thrive in the fast-changing world. The year-long Yuhua Conversations culminated in a new set of school vision, mission and values.

Merged School in 2019

Yuhua Secondary School and Shuqun Secondary School will merge in January 2019. The merged school will be known as Yuhua Secondary School. For information on the merged school, please refer to Yuhua Secondary School's website at

Official Opening cum 30th Speech Day


Unveiling of School Plaque
Tree Planting

Guest of Honour, Mr Desmond Lee's Speech

Ms Ng Sook Kit

Principal, Yuhua Secondary School


Mr Loh Weng Kheong

Pioneer Principal


Colleagues from MOE, teachers, educators, parents, students, ladies and gentlemen



Exactly 4 months ago, on 30 Dec of last year, I had the privilege of joining all of you in commemorating Yuhua’s successful completion of the PRIME Programme. We walked from the holding site in Boon Lay, back to this location at Jurong West St 41. It was a symbolic homecoming, yet because your home has been significantly refurbished and enhanced, it was also a new milestone in Yuhua’s progress. Hence the theme “Onward Yuhua” was entirely befitting the excitement of the occasion.

The building then was still very new. Wrapping not yet taken off. You could almost smell the fresh paint on the walls.

Some people will tell you that if you want to know how a person’s character is like, sometimes you just need to take a peek inside his home. So it is the same with a school. It is therefore with much anticipation that I join all of you here today, at your Speech Day and Official Opening of your new campus. I am very glad to see that your new home looks lived in, well looked after, and well loved. There is a buzz in the air. I think this augurs well!

YH30 . SG50

But beyond the new infrastructure, we should sometimes take important occasions such as this, to sit back away from the hustle-bustle, take a theoretical helicopter high up, look down on everything, and ask ourselves what our larger role and purpose is. And then orientate ourselves. What is Yuhua Secondary School’s larger role in society and Singapore? Similarly, what is my role: as a principal, as a teacher, as a counsellor, as a student, as as a parent-volunteer? This is quite a good time, because part and parcel of celebrating SG50 and YH30 involves (a) looking back to our roots, giving thanks for our past, (b) appreciating what we have in the present, and (c) very importantly, looking ahead to a common-shared future, at SG100, and charting our different paths in that broad direction. At SG100, many of our students will still be around, maybe just about to enter retirement! So this is not an irrelevant question.


Education . Career . SkillsFuture

What does the future hold for Singapore? There are many aspects, so I will just cover one small part of it: our jobs, and the impact of technology and global competition on our ability to have a good job, earn a living to provide for our families, and derive a sense of fulfilment and purpose from doing something meaningful and useful.

Technology is the first game-changer. It brings opportunity, but can also strike fear. It can make jobs easier to do – like robot grass-cutting machines because we can’t find enough Singaporeans and foreigners to cut our turf. Or you can print your designs using 3D printing technology, instead of just imaging what it will be like.

But it can also make jobs and businesses obsolete almost overnight. Not too long ago, we had music CD shops. With online music portals, they have all but vanished. You can easily find many more examples.

The second game-changer is global competition. The two large giants in Asia – China and India – are on the rise. As they develop and their people become better off and more educated, it presents us with opportunities: to sell things to those markets and earn a living from their growth, but also to expand overseas and maybe even work there.

But they will also present major challenges in the form of serious competition. Many global companies that are in Singapore, hiring Singaporeans, may ask if it continues to make sense to remain here, or shift elsewhere. And as their businesses get more sophisticated and climb up the value chain, they may put a lot of pressure on our own companies.

So how do we prepare for it? How can Yuhua Secondary School help prepare our young people well for such a future?

In that regard, I think the word SkillsFuture should begin to make more sense for all of us. While formal education in schools is still going to remain very important, we must become a people that embraces lifelong learning, eager to upgrade and improve ourselves all throughout our life. The thinking is that we can take on better jobs, and be prepared for stiffer competition, if we improve our skills and develop not just knowledge, but expertise and mastery in what we do.  So, we will soon (from 2016) provide every Singaporean 25 years and older with SkillsFuture credits ($500 for a start), which will be topped up every few years over the course of your life, to help pay for and subsidise self-learning and upgrading.

For schools, our role is to nurture and develop our students, and help them find their strengths. Beyond that, we should provide education and career guidance and help our students discover the various pathways so they can make informed choices about their future. [Experience of meeting young people, even in Univ, who lament that they haven’t had much guidance and mentoring, and are unsure of where they are heading.]

I would also add a further challenge for Yuhua: which is to imbue in every student, an unquenchable thirst for learning and for improving what they do until they reach their peak and beat the competition. If they graduate from Yuhua with this drive, you would have made a lasting and important contribution to the SkillsFuture movement.


On that note, let me congratulate all Yuhuans for reaching this important YH30 milestone. You have much to be proud of. And much to be thankful for, to your pioneers. But importantly, let’s prepare well, give our younger generation the SkillsFuture to meet their challenges ahead, and bring Singapore to the next higher level.

Our School's Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy


School Mission

Honour Learning, Strengthen Character, Awaken Talents, Inspire Dreams

School Motto

Towards Excellence

School Philosophy

Every Student Our Responsibility

Our school philosophy, "Every Student, Our Responsibility" undergirds our commitment to honour learning by instilling in Yuhuans the responsibility and commitment to lifelong learning so as to adapt to changes and new situations; strengthen character by inculcating the values of graciousness and integrity, awaken talents by harnessing their strengths to strive towards attaining purposeful goals with passion and resilience, inspire dreams by stretching Yuhuans potential to lead new frontiers and innovate in pursuit of excellence. 

Riding the Waves of the Future

At Yuhua Secondary, we firmly believe that education must be forward-looking and robust, recognizing that the future, for which Yuhuans are being prepared for, is dynamic, unpredictable and difficult to imagine, liken to navigating in the open seas. 

To cope with the ever-changing wind circumstances in the open seas, liken to the future, every sailor must be committed to the team which is collectively accountable for the ship’s safety. In times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, having clarity of purpose and a moral compass anchored on values will guide good decision-making in ensuring that the ship stays on course. Graciousness and integrity are the bedrocks to a community which is self-reliant, mutually supportive, and grows together, based on good faith and trust.

Inherent in every sailor’s passion for adventure is a risk-taking spirit to discover himself, explore the world and a yearning for freedom. He needs the skills of adaptability and innovativeness to find the wind and harness its power to his advantage.  He needs to embrace the stormy sea with resilience and mind the helm with leadership. He needs courage to decide if he should brave the storm or adjust the sails, bearing in mind his responsibility towards the larger community. Similarly, every Yuhuan needs to take ownership of their learning through active participation in every aspect of school life, co-create knowledge through practicing good habits of mind, and apply new concepts through innovative thinking.

Learning is both competency- and mastery-based, and time must be allowed for students to secure strong foundation at each stage of the learning process. The Yuhua Programme and Experience will be dynamic, ready to adapt to our Yuhuans’ learning needs so as to ensure they are guided to become life-long learners, whatever the future holds. 

Our School Crest & Song

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School Crest

The interweaving Y and H symbolize the strength in unity and effort in our pursuit of excellence. The broad and narrow lines signify the many avenues and opportunities open to the students as they strive for success in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

School Song

The morning sun shines bright
Upon my sweet homeland
And in the brilliant light
There proudly Yuhua stands

In class or in the field
Progress with diligence
We’ll strive and never yield
Aspire to excellence

Yuhua in our mind
Yuhua in our heart
Forever aiming high
Reaching for the sky

With you we learn to care
And help to build a nation
Defend it we dare
We’ll strive for excellence

Yuhua in our mind
Yuhua in our heart
Forever aiming high
Reaching for the sky
Let us sing together for Yuhua
Let us sing together for Yuhua

Lyrics: Kasmuri Bin Hambali
Music: Iskander Ismail ( revised version)