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Student Leadership

Our Team

Student Leadership in Yuhua

Our Philosophy
"A Leader In Every Yuhuan"

Underlying Principles at the Core of the Student Leadership Framework

  • All students must first be able to lead themselves (observe self-discipline and be good role-models) before they can begin to lead others. They must possess the school values of self-discipline, respect for the individual, care & concern and also have a mindset of excellence.
  • Students are provided with leadership opportunities to lead their peers in class and in their respective CCAs.
  • Students who exemplify leadership in leading their peers are identified as core student leaders, where they advance to lead the school in epitomizing the school core values and desired characteristics of an Yuhuan. 

Our Approach 

Our student leaders are trained based on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership in “The Student Leadership Challenge” model created by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. To crystallise the lessons on the fundamentals of leadership, students will also be introduced to the Habitudes® framework by Tim Elmore which is an image rich programme that constitutes leadership habits, attitudes and truths.

Leadership PracticeHabitude
Model the Way
Student leaders Model the Way by finding their voice and affirming shared values.
The Iceberg
 Inspire a Shared Vision
Student leaders Inspire a Shared Vision by envisioning the future and enlisting others in a common vision.
The Poet’s Gift 
Challenge the Process
Student leaders Challenge the Process by searching for opportunities and by experimenting, taking risks, and learning from mistakes.
The Star Trek Principle 
Enable Others to Act   
Student leaders Enable Others to Act by fostering collaboration and strengthening others.
Choir Director  
Encourage the Heart
Student leaders Encourage the Heart by recognizing contributions and celebrating values and victories.
Emotional Fuel


Yuhua Secondary’s Student Leadership logo responds to our motto in Student Leadership, "Learn. Serve. Lead”.


Its design is motivated from the image of a flame. The luminous flame bearing the initials “Y” & “H” depicts the Yuhua Student Leader’s desire to serve the school and community. The rising flame reminds us of the student leader’s relentless pursuit for excellence in word, thought and deed.


Each stroke of the flame symbolizes the pervasiveness of student leadership development and learning opportunities across levels from Secondary 1 to 4/5. These structures are in place to support the leader’s growth as a confident and empathetic individual for there is “A Leader in Every Yuhuan”.