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Aesthetics, Craft and Technology


Mr Roger Hoe
HOD Craft & Technology, Aesthetics 
 Mdm Gan May Ling Pamela  SH Food & Nutrition 
Mr Faizal Bin Abdul Aziz
SH Art
Mr Dolly Yansen Art Teacher
Mdm Rafilah Idris Art Senior Teacher
Ms Suhana Bte Zainal  Art Teacher
 Mr Lim Jit SaiDesign & Technology Teacher 
 Mr Sim Lit Sen Design & Technology Teacher 
 Mr Soong Yu Juan Design & Technology Teacher 
 Mr Daniel Tan Design & Technology Teacher 
Mr Alan Tam Electronics Teacher 
Mr Desmond Wee
Electronics Teacher
 Mr Darren Tan Music Teacher
Ms Caroline TanMusic Teacher 
Mdm Lee Yue Zhi  Music Teacher  
Mr Pan Ming'En Mobile Electronics Teacher 
Mr Leroy Sng HOD Student Management,
Food & Nutrition Teacher
Ms Katherine Cai Food & Nutrition Teacher
Ms Shamim Nisha Food & Nutrition Teacher
Mdm Zakiah  Food & Nutrition Teacher 
Mr Mohd Ayub Bin Anang Workshop Instructor
Mr Noor Hazemi B Ribot   Workshop Instructor
Mr Suhaimi Bin Abd HamidWorkshop Instructor 

Department Introduction

The Craft & Technology department provides applied learning platforms in Art, Design & Technology, Electronics, Food & Nutrition, Mobile Robotics and Music.

Students learn by doing and finding meanings for real-world application of subject knowledge.   

Through the learning process, students cultivate creative, critical and reflective thinking to make sense of their learning and to develop related dispositions such as empathy, resourcefulness and joy of learning. 

Signature Programme(s)

1.     Community Art Project Through community art projects, students are exposed to different forms of art making. They can         experience art making with the community and enjoy the opportunity to express their artistic ideas.     


2.     Enhanced Music Programme Aspiring students who have the passion, talent and aptitude for music can opt to continue            mastering and pursuing a lifelong interest in this area through the enhanced music programme. Students can look forward         to deepening their musical knowledge, learning from artists and musicians and contributing to the cultural life of the                community.     

 3.    School Improvement Project Students further hone their skills in designing and product development through involvement         in the various school improvement projects such as re-designing a form collection box for school office, or mobile notice            stands for use in school’s events etc.   

 4.     Intergeneration Learning Programme Working with agencies such as National Silver Academy, students share their                      nutrition knowledge with seniors and exchange culinary tips where both seniors and students learn from each other on              food nutrition, culinary skills and, food heritage and culture.   

 5.     Industrial Mentorship Programme Working with agencies such as the Singapore Science Centre, students with a strong                 disposition in electronics and robotics will be attached to an industrial mentor where they work together to develop                 smart projects that serve the community.

Scheme of Work

Design & Technology SOW
Design & Technology SOW