Robotics Club


Background of Robotics Club

Making an effective robot is always a challenging task requiring lots of experimentation, imagination and passion. Our student builders and programmers always work hard to equip themselves with the required skills.  In the process, they will learn and display patience, determination and resilience, as well as the the importance of team work.

The main highlight of 2013 was the participation of the Underwater Robotics Olympiad that was co-organised and co-hosted by Qian Hu Corporation Limited, where our two teams succeeded to the final rounds with one of the robots having the fastest qualifying time. Even though the two teams did not clinch the top prizes, they had an enjoyable time.

Teachers in Charge

Mr Daniel Tan Wee Meng
Mr Dolly Yansen


Student Leaders

Tay Jing Lai 4E5
Low Chun Kit Kenneth4E5
Jerome Tay Zi Hao4E5

CCA Gallery

Flashback 2014
Underwater Robotics Olympiad

CCA Highlights

  • Robofest, Rulang Primary School & Singapore Science Centre

  • Underwater Robotics Olympiad

  • Asia Pacific Youth Robotic Competition (Winter Game)



  • Certificate of participation in the Underwater Robotics Olympiad

  • CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge (Sec) – 3rd 

  • RoboMaker Challenge (Sec) – 1st Best Design Award.