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Integrated Projects and Events Management (I-PRESENT)

Integrated Projects and Events Management is our school’s Applied Learning Programme. Launched in January 2014, I-PRESENT is an interdisciplinary school-wide programme that seeks to develop our students in critical thinking, analytical and management skills. I-PRESENT aims to provide every student with the opportunity to plan and carry out projects and programmes for the school as well as the community.   

All lower secondary students undergo a curriculum which equips them with basic management skills. This allows them to be able to plan and run small scale values-based projects and events such as bake sales, food donation drives and mini concerts for the elderly. Students will learn skills in authentic contexts which are relevant to their future pursuits, be it further education or work.   

At upper secondary, selected students receive additional training before taking up various roles in large scale projects and events such as school concerts, CCA camps, exhibitions and road shows. Training is provided through partnerships with the community, polytechnics and ITE.  The school will also be working with various industry partners to provide students with exposure and experience, thus extending learning beyond the school.   

Students are able to apply the knowledge and skills learnt from various subjects such as mathematics, science and humanities in real life situations through the process of planning and solving problems. Regular interactions with others also help students to develop communication skills and appreciate the relevance of skills taught through language lessons.   

Social and emotional competencies are also developed through I-PRESENT as students take up new responsibilities and learn to work with others while managing projects and events.   

Through I-PRESENT, it is our belief that our students will grow into confident and caring individuals who contribute actively to the school and community.