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With rapid globalisation and to prepare Yuhuans to be future-ready, it is important for Yuhuans to develop a global outlook and keep abreast of current and glocal affairs. Yuhua Secondary’s internationalisation programme, GoGLOBAL@Yuhua, is one of the key programmes of the total curriculum that seeks to develop the 21st Century competencies and skills, particularly in the civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills and is in tandem with the school’s vision of nurturing future-ready learners and Gracious Citizens. 

GoGLOBAL@Yuhua aims to

      a)      Develop Yuhuans’ and teachers’ awareness and understanding of global issues and trends.
b)      Nurture Yuhuans’ cross-cultural knowledge, skills and sensitivities and appreciation of cultural diversity.
c)       Deepen Yuhuans’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

The approaches to the GoGLOBAL@Yuhua programme will take on an experiential learning approach. 


Curriculum Framework