Mother Tongue


 Ms Law Hwai Bin HOD Mother Tongue 
Mdm Huzaimah Bte Hamzah  Subject Head Malay Language 
Mdm Chen Hong   Chinese Language Teacher 
Ms Lau Hui Ning
Chinese Language Teacher
Ms Quek Poh Noi   Chinese Language Teacher 
 Mrs Chinnamah Silvarajoo  Tamil Language Teacher  
Ms Fathima Binte Mohd Fahim
Tamil Language Teacher 
Mdm Kavitha Tamil Language Teacher
  Mdm Noorlinda Abdullah  Ms Noorul 
Malay Language Teacher 
 Ms Sharifah Yasmine Binte Syed Taher   Malay Language Teacher  
Mr Muhammad Shukri Shuhaimi Malay Language Teacher 
Ms Syahirah Binte Mohamad Azib
Malay Language Teacher 
Ms Shi Xu   Chinese Language Teacher 
Mdm Wang Runjia   Chinese Language Teacher  
Mdm Yang Yan  Chinese Language Teacher 

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Mother Tongue Curriculum

Information about the MTL courses 

To help all students learn MTL to as high a level as they can, the MTL department offers a variety of courses to cater to the different language abilities of our students. 

Besides the 3 mainstream MTL namely Express, Normal Academic and Basic Mother Tongue, the department also offers Higher Mother Tongue to students who are more able or have stronger foundations in MTL. In addition, students from the Normal Academic stream who have the aptitude are given the opportunity to pursue the subject at the Express Level. Similarly, the school will offer more help and support to those who have difficulties learning MTL to help them develop confidence in learning the language by offering them the ‘B’ syllabus Mother Tongue.   

The purpose and goals of MTL curriculum 

The goal of the MTL curriculum is to nurture our students to be keen learners, competent users of their mother tongue language as well as individual who are morally upright through these 3 broad areas (2010 MTL Review committee report):    

  1. Communication- Communicating in MTL gives our students the competitive edge 
  2. Culture- Learning MTL enables our students to understand and appreciate their culture, traditions, literature and history. 
  3. Connection- By being proficient in MTL, enables our students to connect with communities who speak that language or share that culture. (2010 MTL Review)       

Assessment and Exams 

 In the MTL examination, students will be assessed in 4 areas, namely writing, language application and comprehension, reading and listening. They will be assessed for their ability to: 

  • speak and write in standard MTL 
  • speak and write clearly, effectively, relevantly and coherently; 
  • read aloud a given text fluently with accurate pronunciation and appropriate variations in voice qualities, i.e. pace, volume, tone and stress. 
  • comprehend different genres of texts and identify the main ideas and details in texts
  • interpret and explain the situations in the picture with supporting details 
  • express clearly and succinctly in a conversation using appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures   
  • respond to a variety of listening tasks based on a number of audio recordings.   

Chinese Language Unit

Unit Highlights

  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • MTL Fortnight Activities

This programme aims to enthuse our students in learning and appreciating their Mother Tongue Language and enable them to use it as a living language effectively beyond the school.

The secondary three students attended an introductory course on traditional Chinese medicine. The facilitators provided our students with a history of Chinese herbs as well as the function and benefits of acupuncture. The students also brought home useful tips on how to keep themselves healthy.

The secondary two students were given the opportunity to learn about the history and practices of Chinese tea ceremony as well as the making of snow skin moon cakes at Tea Chapter.

Various language and cultural activities such as the Chinese calligraphy competition, creative writing competition and the Chinese Cultural Quiz were also organized by the Chinese Language Department for the students to participate during the Fortnight to enrich students’ knowledge in the Chinese language and culture.

  • Chinese Cultural Camp

A cultural camp was organized for the students to immerse them in an environment that encourages learning and appreciation for the Chinese traditional arts.  

  • Conversational Chinese and Malay

The objectives of this enrichment programme are to allow students the opportunity to learn a third language, either Malay or Chinese apart from their Mother Tongue, as well as to understand the importance of racial integration and harmony through learning another language. 


Malay Language Unit

Unit Highlights

  • MTL Learning Journey 

  • The students went on a one-day learning journey to discover and learn more about the Peranakan culture. They visited the Peranakan Museum and also toured around Katong area where they stopped by a shop to sample the traditional Peranakan kuehs.

  • Secondary One Malay Language and Cultural Camp 

  • The camp, held in July, focused on 3 aspects of the Malay culture – Malay cooking (where students learnt about Malay spices and how to make the epok-epok or curry puffs using plasticine), traditional Malay dance and Malay martial arts or Silat.

  • MTL Fortnight Programme  

Several programmes were held for each level to raise their interest and value add their knowledge on Malay           language and Malay culture.

  • Parenting Talk cum Hari Raya Gathering

Other than to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfirtri, the main objective is to allow to parents, students and teachers to interact. We also invited guest speakers to share a few useful tips or activities that parents can do build a stronger relationship with their children.

  • Sarawak Cultural Immersion Programme

Tamil Language Unit

Unit Highlights

  • Tamil Camp

The main objective of the Tamil Camp was for the Tamil Students to know more about their culture and thus feel more belonged and proud of their identity, their roots and their language.

Through the camp, students were enlightened with a wide range of knowledge about the historic aspects of the language and of the Tamil culture. Students gave feedback that not only did they have fun, but they also learnt a lot of new and astonishing information about their culture and its historic background. As a follow-up to the camp, fortnight activities were conducted as well.

The activities for the Camp are as follows:

Advertisement Presentation Competition
Creation of New Tamil Songs Competition
Yes or No Competition
Flower Tying Competition
Debate Skill Workshop

  • Debate Skill Workshop
The Debate Skill Workshop was conducted for selected Secondary 3 Students. Through the workshop students were given a wider exposure about various debate titles and skills.

  • MTL Fortnight

Thoranam Tying
    Secondary 1 & 2 Students taking great care in ensuring their thoranams are tied beautifully, seeking the facilitator’s guidance when in doubt and then being prideful in displaying their end-products. 

    Uri Adithal
    Secondary 2 Students blindfolded yet trying their utmost best to find for the water packet &  hit them.

    Secondary 1 & 2 Students attentively listening to the history of Pambaram (Spinning Top) after which they were given a few tops to experience how to play the Pambaram (Spinning Top). 

    Secondary 3 students playing the 7 Stones game with much excitement. Selected Team Members were having a hard time assembling the seven stones, yet not giving up hope in ensuring their team wins.

    • SINDA Senior Victory Programme
    Experienced facilitators help students learn skills such as goal setting, time management, anger management as well as values (e.g. respect, responsibility) through interactive and experiential activities. Two hour weekly sessions are conducted at the school premise.

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    MTL Fortnight
    Parenting Talk cum Hari Raya Gathering
    Chinese Cultural Camp
    Chinese New Year Celebrations
    Conversational Chinese & Malay Programme
    Learning Journeys
    Malay Language & Cultural Camp
    Tamil Camp
    Tamil Debate Skill Workshop