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Applied Subjects

Yuhua Secondary will be introducing three new Applied Subjects at the upper secondary level from 2017 to broaden the range of subjects offered to our students. Yuhuans can now choose to pursue their interests in applied areas of learning and acquire skills and knowledge through experiential learning and practice-based learning. This also opens up more pathways for Yuhuans in engineering or music courses in the Polytechnics and ITEs.

The Enhanced Music programme (EMP) is one of MOE’s flagship music programmes offered by select secondary schools to provide greater opportunities for students with a keen interest, disposition and ability in music to develop their talent. EMP is distinct from music programmes offered in other secondary schools through its innovative curriculum and pedagogy that offer real world connections and practices (e.g. linking up with suitable creative industrial partners) and opportunities for collaborative learning through combined students’ and teachers’ events and workshops to achieve quality students learning and outcomes.   From 2017, Yuhua Secondary is one of the only 4 schools to offer EMP in Singapore. 

Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)

Music is one of the most powerful forms of communication. What is lesser known about music is that it also helps us to resolve our deepest inner conflicts. As in any other discipline, the learning of music (or a particular instrument) requires a high level of self-discipline and regular practice for accuracy and precision.

To attain a greater synergy with our school’s Learning for Life Programme, MELODY, aspiring music students from Secondary 3 Express course who have the passion, talent and aptitude for music can opt to develop stronger mastery and pursue a lifelong interest in this area through the ‘O’ level Music programme. Yuhuans can look forward to deepen their musical knowledge, learn from artistes and musicians and contribute to the cultural life of the community. 

Smart Electrical Technology (SET)

Have you ever wished you could use your smartphone to switch off the fan or air-conditioning which was left running while you rushed out of the house? This is one of the many bright ideas of how technology can help to make life better for us.

The Smart Electrical Technology will be offered as an ‘N’ level elective for Secondary 3 N(T) course students from 2017 who will learn the knowledge and skills in planning and designing a smart home or workplace enabled with automation technology/systems.

SET will be offered until end of 2018.


Electronics are connected to us in many aspects of our life. The devices we use, such as the handphones, computers, escalators and even the traffic lights, are examples of electronics applied in daily living. Yuhuans can gain an early headstart to learning about electronics that lie behind some of the advances in technology today.

Secondary 3 Express course students may choose to offer Electronics elective at ‘O’ levels to acquire knowledge about the fundamentals of electronics and appreciate the usefulness of electronics and the impact on modern society.

Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics will be offered as a GCE N Level elective for Secondary Three Normal (Technical) course students from 2018. This course provides students with the experience of developing their own mobile robots. Students will learn how to apply and integrate technical knowledge and skills to design and build mobile robots to perform specific tasks, enabling them to develop capabilities and skills for problem solving and critical thinking. Students will also be able to acquire basic knowledge and skills in electrical, mechanical design and intelligent control that are relevant to technical courses at the post-secondary level.