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General Information

  Address:                  35 Jurong West Street 41 S(649406)

  General Office:         65661985

  Fax:                          65696689

  Email:                       yuhua_ss@moe.edu.sg

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  Buses: 49, 98, 187,  335

   Nearest MRT Station: Lakeside  


General Office Opening Hours

  School Term  

Monday - Friday

7.30 am - 6.00 pm

  School Holidays

Monday - Friday

8.00 am - 5.00 pm

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School Rules & Regulations

1.         Personal Appearance

1.1       School Uniform

a)         Only the prescribed school uniform is to be worn within the school premises and during school activities.

b)         Modification of school uniform is not allowed.  Girls’ skirts must be of knee-length

c)        Students must report for morning assembly in school uniform. Students are not allowed to wear PE attire for morning assembly unless given special permission.

d)         The school PE T-shirt and black shorts should be worn for PE lessons only.

e)          Only plain white t-shirt/ singlet is allowed to be worn underneath the school uniform.

f)          Students must be in proper footwear at all times when in school- plain white canvas shoes with laces or plain white sports shoes worn with white socks covering the ankles. Sandals or slippers are not allowed unless supported by a medical certificate.

g)         Students should refrain from wearing sweaters unless they are unwell. 

h)       Students are to note that the above-mentioned uniform rules should also be observed during weekends and term holidays.              


1.2       Male Students

a)         Hair should be of appropriate length and neat- it should not touch the ears, eyebrows or the collar.

b)        Students should refrain from having heavily gelled hairstyles or outlandish hairdos.

c)         Students should maintain school appropriate haircut/style.

d)        Hair should not be dyed or highlighted.

e)         Sideburns should be trimmed and not extend beyond the middle of the ear. 

f)          Students are reminded to be clean-shaven .


1.3       Female Students

a)        Hairstyles should be simple and neat. Hair extending beyond the collar must be tied neatly above the nape.

b)         Fringes should not touch the eyebrows. Fringes that are long should be pinned up neatly.

c)         Students should refrain from having outlandish hairdos.

d)         Hair should not be dyed or highlighted.

e)         Only black hair accessories are permitted. 

f)        Students should not wear any foundation or cosmetics to school.  This includes accessories such as hair extensions and extended eye lashes.


1.4       General Appearance

a)         Accessories such as bracelets, tongue studs and rings are strictly prohibited.  

b)         Coloured contact lenses and other forms of cosmetic enhancing contact lenses should not be worn.

c)          Students should keep their fingernails short and clean. All forms of nail polish/ varnish are not allowed.

d)       Only female students are allowed to wear plain gold, black or silver ear studs. Multiple ear studs are not permitted.

e)          Male students are not allowed to wear ear studs or sticks .   

f)         Tattoos and henna drawn on the body are not allowed.  Students will not be allowed to attend school until the tattoos and henna are removed.

g)        Only plain white or black spectacle frames and watch straps are allowed.  Spectacle frames should be of a reasonable size. 

h)      Student Councillors should wear the councillor badge while on the school premises and when attending external programmes.  Collar badges for CCA groups should be worn on the right collar only.


2 .         General Behaviour

a)     Students should exhibit courteous and gracious behaviour at all times. They should greet all staff and visitors to the school. 

b)     Students should stand and greet teachers together as a class before the start of lessons and thank teachers at the end of lessons.

c)          It is every student’s responsibility to keep the school clean, safe and conducive for study at all times.

d)     All forms of contraband items are prohibited in school. Students found in possession or usage of contraband items will be referred to external authorities.

e)          Students are to refrain from bringing valuables and large amounts of money to school. 

f)         Students are to refrain from bringing their handphones to school. In the case where students bring along their handphones, all handphones must be switched off before the start of morning assembly. Usage of handphones is prohibited in school until the end of curriculum time and co-curricular time.

g)       Students must not enter special rooms such as computer laboratories, multi-purpose rooms and science laboratories without the supervision of a teacher.

h)     Students should visit the toilets before morning assembly and during recess to minimise disruption to his/her learning.

i)           Students must obtain permission from the subject teacher and obtain a Teacher’s Pass before leaving the classroom during curriculum time.  No sharing of a Teacher’s Pass is allowed.



3.         Attendance/Punctuality

It is compulsory for all students to attend morning assembly and flag raising.

All students are expected to be in the parade square by 7.30 am for the flag raising ceremony.

a)         Students are considered late if they fail to attend the flag-raising ceremony and will be given a Late Pass.

b)       Students who arrive in school after the commencement of the first lesson will be directed to the General Office to obtain a Late Pass before they are allowed to enter the class. Student who did not report to the General Office to obtain the Late Pass will be considered as an absentee for the day.

c)       Absence from school must be supported by a medical certificate or a letter of explanation from either a parent or guardian. 

d)         Only valid medical certificates will be accepted for absences from common tests and examinations. Failure to do so will result in the award of a zero mark and disciplinary measures will be taken.

e)        Parents/Guardians should notify and seek approval from the Principal in advance if they wish to take the student out of school during term time or to leave the school early due to valid reasons.

f)          Student who falls ill during school hours may seek permission for early departure from school. The student must report to the general office to request for an early departure slip and inform the Form Teacher. All students seeking early departure must be accompanied home by a parent/guardian.


 4.        Flag-raising ceremony

a)     Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. The Pledge must be taken with the right fist over the heart. A ll non-citizens are required to stand at attention.  

b)    Students are not allowed in the classrooms before the flag-raising ceremony unless a wet-weather announcement is made.


5.         Behaviour During Recess

a)       Students are not to remain in the classrooms during recess.

b)      For safety reasons students should refrain from running along the corridors.

c)       Students are to queue in an orderly manner to make purchases.

d)      All purchased food and drinks must be consumed within the canteen.

e)       Any purchased food and drinks found outside the canteen will be confiscated and disposed.

f)        All used utensils should be returned to the designated receptacles.

g)       Students are to return to their classrooms immediately after recess.

h)      The playing of ball games should only take place at the field or designated courts. 


The list above outlines the general rules and regulations of the school and is not meant to be exhaustive. As the school aims to correct undesirable student behaviours through collaborative and restorative practices, breach of school rules by students will result in compulsory participation in circle time, family conference or involvement in behaviour improvement programmes. Offenders will also be given demerit points. Students should note that cumulative demerit points will result in the award of a ‘Fair’ or below Conduct Grade (see ‘Computation of Conduct Grade’). Recalcitrant offenders will be subjected to suspension, caning or even expulsion.