Malay Dance

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Updated: Dec 2016


The Malay Dance is made up of a team of lively and enthusiastic dancers who are always positively driven to produce values-driven and entertaining dance items. We believe strongly in the importance of team bonding and are always ready to lend help to one another. The senior dance members will take care of the welfare of younger members of the team and take charge of coaching them whenever new steps are introduced.

Starting this year, our Malay Dance is exploring the works of contemporary Malay dance forms. Under the coaching of a renowned dance coach, Mr Azmi Juhari, the dance members are given extensive trainings to perfect their dance steps and deepen their understandings on the dynamics and values attached to the dance form. 

In essence, our dance team is not merely performance focused, but rather aims to imbue in our members the values of resilience, passion and innovativeness.

Teachers In Charge

Ms Sharifah Yasmine
Ms Shamim Nisha
 Ms Shamsiah Mohd Din 

Student Leaders

Ahmad Izzuddin 3E6
Nasha Iwara3E6

CCA Gallery

Malay Dance

CCA Highlights

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A captivating performance by the Malay Dance as they venture into a fully contemporary dance form for the Yuphonic Renditions 2016

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A mind-blowing moment as our dancers challenge themselves to greater heights in this contemporary dance form for Yuphonic Renditions 2016


SYF Arts Presentation

The Malay Dance was awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment in the 2013 SYF Arts Presentation (Malay Dance Category) for their performance entitled Inang Man is. The Malay Dance continues to helm the Certificate of Accomplishment Award as they participated in the SG 50 Youth Celebrate! Flag Display as part of jubilee year Youth Day Celebrations.